The news of Sara Doggarts passing has been felt throughout the Sasha World. But her legacy will live on in the wonderful Sasha dolls that were very dear to her heart.


I thought you might like to see this. It is an email that i received from a lady called Sue Thornes, who was a friend of Doreen Bell the eye painter at the Sasha factory. Sue was the sand blaster at the Sasha factory.
At the time i received this email from Sue she did not know that Sara Doggart had passed away and i found it so heart warming in the way she spoke about her.

(I was friends with Doreen Bell who we used to call her ding dong … I joined there 1979 and left to have my first child 1982 my mum worked in the canteen there a year after me and stayed for a long time …. Sarah Doggart was a lovely lady and was quite elderly back then … but she was a worker and that i admired … not many owner bosses roll their sleeves up and work amongst the shop floor staff but she did … those dolls were her babies each and every one of them..and she would be so excited when a new outfit was designed or hair colour …
I myself worked upstairs where sasha was born so to speak in the moulding room … on this floor i was the sandblaster that stopped them being the shiny plastic … i would have to check each and every limb so there was no shine on them .. if one slipped through it would be returned and would have to go through again … my machine needed cleaning out on a regular basis by the mechanics … so then i woud go and work down stairs for a couple of hours filling in where ever i was needed … so i did the ironing of the pretty dresses even sarah doggart would iron or show me exactly how she wanted the pleats … the worst for ironing i found was the silk dresses … i would presstud the shoes … there was a person for every step of the way …
When i knew i was pregnant … my supervisor took me off my blasting job as it was quite heavy work lifting heavy jigs .. she put me on the next process which we call flashing … we would trim all the plastic off the rims of the bodies legs and arms and heads with a scalpel knife so everything was smooth .. then off they went in boxes down the conveyor belt to down stairs where they was put together )

What a lovely person Sara Doggart was, she will never be forgotten.


Yesterday as most of you know Sara Doggart was laid to rest. Myself and Sarah Price attended the funeral and we met up with Kendal Hackney,Brenda and Fred Walton.
The service was lovely, Sara’s,sons,daughter and Grandchildren all paid tribute to her.Sara’s Jewish heritage was also celebrated, with a Rabbi singing a prayer for her which was very moving. Sara’s son also thanked the Sasha world for all the tributes that had poured in for her,which totalled 12 pages.
After the service we went to visit John Doggarts grave where Sara’s ashes will be interned and to lay flowers.
Sarah Price and i were very fortunate to be invited to lunch with the family after the service.
The lunch was wonderful and it was lovely to speak with Anna Doggart. Anna had displayed lots of photos of Sara for everyone to look at.
After the lunch Sarah Price and i made our way to the site where the Trendon factory (thank you to Brenda for printing off the directions for us).

By the time we reached the Trendon factory site we were beginning to lose the light and it was raining,but i was determined that on this poignant day to take some photos.
Part of the factory had been turned into gated apartments and as the gate was open,we took our chances and headed in. Sarah and i thought we had better talk to the concierge in case we got arrested for breaking in.
We found the concierge and sweet talked him into letting us take some photos, to which he agreed, although he warned us not to try to enter the part that is due to be turned into apartments as the building was not safe.
Sarah and i had bought along some Sasha dolls to mark the occasion, i had bought my new lad, Ruth my 68 Kilt and Todd the toddler wanted to see where is cousins had come from. Sarah had bought her beautiful NP,Lilly.


Above are two photos of the Trendon factory site, to the right of the tower in the first photo, is the part of the factory that has been developed and in the second photo is the part that is due to be developed into apartments.

Sarah and i thought we would mark the occasion by having a photo taken in front of the tower.



Above the first photo is Sarah Price and the second photo is me.

In the factory grounds there was a small play area with some mushrooms in it.



Todd the toddler decided to jump onto a mushroom with the help of the new lad and Ruth, however once he was up there he was a little worried as to how he was going to get back down.




After much discussion a voice of reason was heard coming from another mushroom.


It was the beautiful Lilly, who announced that as she aw the oldest and obviously the most sensible that she would take care of Todd and so she did.


I hope Sara Doggart would of approved of our little tribute to her. We managed to take photos (excluding Todd) of Sasha dolls from the start of production, from the popular 1968 period and from the end of production outside the site of the Tendon factory.
We would have like to have taken more photos but we were all wet and cold so we re-treated to the car and set off to Kendal’s to enjoy a wonderful evening with our Sasha dolls
Thank you Sara Doggart for all the joy you have bought to us, long may it continue.

Eastwood and Caleb were in the back garden with Nag their horse causing a bit of commotion, so I had to go and see what they were up to.
Caleb and Eastwood were both riding Nag and chattering about Sheep rustling.


Ssh,”says Caleb I know he’s around here somewhere”, I was wondering who or what they were referring to, but i decided it was probably best just to watch.
Look, said Eastwood, there he is!

Sure enough as i followed their gaze i could see Sean the sheep up on the rocks.

The two lads put their heads together to discuss tactics.


Right says Caleb,” you go around the back and I will go around the front.” Oh, say Eastwood,” how come I have to go up top.” “Well”, says Caleb,” you are the one whose good at using a lasso.”
Whilst the boys are chatting Sean the sheep is keeping his eyes on them.


The boys attempt to catch Sean the sheep.


Eastwood tells caleb to creep quietly around the back of the rocks so he That the sheep will not see him coming.


Caleb agrees and tells Eastwood to get the lasso ready and head for the rocks.


Eastwood gets into position.


Caleb shouts to Eastwood that he can see the sheep.


Eastwood throws his lasso,but misses the first time so he tries again.


“Great stuff!” shouts Caleb you got him. Proudly the two young cowboys collect Sean the sheep and secure him on a rope behind Nag.


“Ok, Pardner”, says Eastwood to Caleb “give me a leg up and we will get this sheep back to its pen.”


“Hang on a minute”, says caleb “does that mean I’m riding shot gun again.” “Afraid so replies” Eastwood


Caleb takes his place behind Eastwood on Nag the horse with Sean the sheep nicely secured they head off into the sunset.


Caleb and Eastwood would like to wish everybody at the Sasha Festival in Texas a great time and like me they wish they were there with you.I would also like to thank my co-director on this project, as you can see he is a litte shy.







Polly is very excited today her best friend Milly has come to stay.
The two girls greet each other.







It’s so good to see you says Polly and you says Milly, but my tummy is rumbling as it was a long journey and i am a bit hungry.





Well, says Polly, Mum will make you some breakfast soon, You can share my chair if you like. Oh yes, please says Milly. Is this your chair she says, as she reaches up and places Ted on it.



Yes, says Polly that’s my chair.



Polly tries to help Milly into the chair.





Thats it says, Polly now put your other leg up, don’t worry , I have got you.





Phew, made it says Milly






After a couple of minutes of waiting patiently for her turn, Polly shouts up to Milly.” Hey, aren’t you going to help me up then?”




Oh, says Milly ,”I’m sorry Polly but there is only room for one up here, will breakfast be long?”



Polly starts Shouting at Milly and trying to shove her out of the chair.



Get out of my chair Milly!, you are supposed to be sharing.







Both girls are being very stubborn with Milly refusing to budge out of the seat





Polly decides to stage a sit in underneath the seat.



After not doing anything for a while the two girls decide to hug and make up, as being best friends and sharing is so much better than being on your own and bored!



So they hug, make up and wander off together.


Kids hey…..


Thanks for looking