Hi Everyone, just a reminder that we have only 30 days to go before the Haggle and Gaggle. If you would like to send in a raffle prize please do so. You can send raffle prizes to me or if you are attending and would like to donate a raffle prize you can bring It with you. The international raffle for the non attendees will close on the 20th January, so if you want to buy International raffle tickets please do so before the 20th January. Any questions please send me a message or contact me via email at theresa.oneill@talktalk.net


Hi everyone, by now you have watched the Queens speech and never want to see turkey again.So I am taking this opportunity to get your attention for a few minutes.

As you may or may not know the first Sasha event for 2019 is being held in England on the 2nd of February . It is a 1 day Sasha event raising money for a children’s orphanage in Bulgaria.

For the first time ever we are holding an International raffle along side the normal raffle. The International raffle prize was going to stay a mystery up until the day , however I have bowed to pressure and am revealing the international raffle prize on here now.

The international raffle prize is open to anyone whether you are attending the event or not and it does not matter what country you live in.

The international raffle prize tickets cost £3 English sterling each and can be purchased from me, via paypal as a gift at theresa.oneill@talktalk.net

The International raffle prize is a beautiful early slate eye Gotz, which I have donated from my own collection and my co host Petrana has created a complete trousseau for her. I will let the photos do the talking, her beautiful clothes can be mixed and matched.



















I think you will agree that Petrana has done a fabulous job on her wardrobe. so if you have not yet purchased an international raffle ticket please do so as this is such a worthy cause and there will be update’s so you will be able to see where the money raised has been spent. Any questions please leave a comment and I will get back to you. Also postage will be paid at no expense to you.

Thanks for looking………………………..