Hi my name is Twizel and i manage The sasha Emporium. I keep all the Sasha dolls in line and manage their shop. The Sasha Emporium sometimes has things for sale relating to Sasha dolls. Information, stories and tips,but mostly we like to have fun. (This site will take over from Twizels sasha Emporium, from December 2015) Enjoy!!


(Above Laura Horner the New Chair Person f the Sasha Celebration Weekend 2020)

Following a very successful 5th event last weekend, Janet Mayhill- Dabbs has now decided to step down from organising the event. Trish Jackson has kindly agreed to do at least one more year. At a meeting at the end of this years event, several people agreed to go on a committee to organise next years event, with me appointed as the Chair.
Janet and Trish have left us very big shoes to fill because the event they have organised has been more and more successful each year and is fair to say now a truly international affair. We are all very grateful for what they have achieved and the legacy they leave.
Of course, whilst it is a big task, on a positive note, the SCW has a format that everyone enjoys. Moreover, as the results of the recent questionnaire shows, there is a clear mandate for the event to carry on with its emphasis on meeting and hosting Sasha friends; the craft and other activities that take place and the huge raffle, all taking place at Eastwood hall Hotel near Nottingham
I want to personally tell you that the Sasha Celebration Weekend, we have all grown to love, will be continuing on an annual basis in May ,in very largely the same format. Whilst there are likely to be a few behind the scenes changes, the outward face and what participants experience ,we hope will all have a familiar feel to it.
The committee members are
Chair -Laura Horner with Deputy Anna Page
Treasurer- Teddy with Deputy Jenny O’Donnell
Communications-Alice Watts
Hotel booking – Tricia Jackson with Laura in a Deputy role
Main Raffle – Theresa O’Neill
We are still looking for a couple of people to assist in communications and main raffle.
Peggy Livingston has helped with the newsletter in the past and we are enormously grateful to her for her help but we would like to see if we can fill this role in the uk due to previous issues with time differences before. We are hoping to create a new website which Alice will lead on. If you have word processing/ publisher skills , we would love to hear from you.
Theresa is looking for a helper for the raffle, the main work being helping her organising the main prizes and collecting and sorting other prizes. I am hoping our present compare Diane Duke will want to continue in the role! We have already got our US liaison ( Mary Righos) and EU liaison (Anette Gross Hecker) to help collect and bring over prizes from abroad.
If you can help with any of these roles then please do contact me. As a deputy, enthusiasm rather than experience is required so don’t be scared to put yourself forward.
So in the meantime look out for
– the new website for which we will post links on Facebook and send you an email about
– the small on line raffle that will take place soon to raise a small fund for any expenses now.
Yours with Sasha love,
Laura x


The Sasha Celebration dolls, started with an idea in Janet Myhill-Dabbs head. She knew that I could cast the doll heads and asked me to take on the mammoth task of casting 30 heads for this years Sasha Celebration weekend. I took up the challenge and it was all going along so  nicely until Parcel Force managed to smash a number of them in transit. I re-cast the broken heads, no mean feat when you work full time shifts and you are also co- hosting another immanent Sasha Event. To make sure the last of the heads arrived intact I personally delivered them to Janet.

Janet sourced some fabric for the dolls and I lent her my  original course doll pattern. Tricia Jackson, Anna Dollmum and Petrana sewed 10 bodies each. Janet’s husband Billy made the soles for the dolls feet.


Janet covered the heads in fabric and painted the faces. There were 3 types to choose from, but you could choose your own eye colour and whether or not you wanted to add freckles, which gave each doll an individual look. 60201790_10216806120296746_4462017837069762560_o




Janet and I put the doll kits together.




The first part of the dolls which were  completed Friday night and this  was to place the polystyrene ball into head, place some stuffing strategically into the head, trim the fabric and sew it shut.






Next morning we started again with stuffing the bodies, then adding the arms and legs.





The last thing we did was to attach the wigs to out dolls and dress them.


Ruth’s doll


My doll was based on my favourite studio doll that lives in Zurich Museum.







The other Sasha Celebration dolls.

Plus these two,they missed the original line up as  their owners did not want to show them, as they did not have their outfits yet.



Both of the outfits for the dolls that Ruth and I made were made by Ruth Hartley of Ruth’s dolls. Ruth Hartley also takes on commission work , so don’t be scared to ask if there is something specific that you would like made. The link to Ruth’s site is below.


Lastly it was outside for the group photo.


At the back from left to right we have, Madeleine Foong, Janet Myhill-Dabbs, Diane Pilkington , Tricia Jackson, Me, Anette Hecker, Lee Moore, Hernie baarslag-voorham, Jane Woodward, Liz Sockett, Sarah Golden and Clare Wolff , Alice Hendry, Petrana Arhangelova .

Middle row from left to right, Ginger Mullins, Cathy Himmel, Jocelyn Rose, Anna Dollmum ,Janet Marsh, Anita Fox, Fiona Hinchcliffe, Alison Burke, Florence Gadkol, Brigitte Scwhitter, Peggy Livingstone, Leni Simons, Gillian Buchanan .

Front row from left to right, Beth Himmel, DDD, Ruth, Lucy, Maria Newman, Jane Sweetman. Pam Winter-Turner  and Shelley Cuff.

Missing from the line up Teddy, Jennie O’Donnell, June O’Donnell , Jonty O’Donnell and Diane Duke and Joni Jacobs.


The out takes.





Sunday it was time to head home with a very happy little girl.


I would like to say a great big thank you to Alan Hincliffe for taking the so many great photos and shooting the videos .

I would also like to thank Kendal Hackney for the original course doll head that I was able to create a mould from.

Thank you to Janet for the last 5 years and happy to know that what Janet. Tricia and I started together will continue next year.

Thanks for looking……………..

Next morning was filled with much excitement as we all went for breakfast. After breakfast it was off to do either, doll making or crafts for those that were not making dolls. I am going to do a separate blog post for the doll making so that you can see its entire journey.

(below the craft tables were set up for those not making a doll)


My Granddaughter Ruth attended the Sasha Celebration weekend with me and as her Birthday is a few weeks away, I decided to surprise her with a honey blonde silk dress Sasha doll. I has also brought along a few outfits for her to change into.


As you can see Ruth loves her new  Sasha doll.


After the doll making had finished it was time for the sales tables.


After the sales tables it was off to dinner, with memory lane slide show, The International raffle and the Charity raffle.

Below are the raffle prizes.

Below the raffle prizes for the Golden ticket table.


After Dinner the International raffle took place, of which there is a video of below.


The prize for the International raffle was Prima the Ballerina crated by Janet Myhill- Dabbs.


The International raffle prize as you can see from the video was won by Carol Leyland, which was quite poignant, as Carol was responsible for creating and sponsoring the photographic Ballerina competition. Well done to Carol.

After the International raffle the Charity raffle commenced.

Janet Marsh won a golden ticket item and chose the lovely re-paint donated by Pam Winter- Turner.


As you can see she was delighted.


My Granddaughter Ruth also won a golden ticket item and chose the London Girl donated by Peggy Livingstone.


Lucy, Pam’s, Granddaughter also won a golden ticket item and chose the wonderful wardrobe of clothes made and donated by Dolly Doodles.



Florence Gadkol also won a Golden ticket item and chose this lovely baby.


Gillian Buchanan also won a golden ticket item and chose a wonderful prize donated by Anna Dollmum.


Janet Marsh won another golden ticket item, a handsome Caleb


Jonty, Jenny O’Donnell’s son won a golden ticket item a handsome Gregor.


Ruth pulled anther golden ticket  and chose this lovely baby.


Leni Simons pulled a golden ticket and received this lovely Gregor.


The last golden ticket prize of the night was a studio re-paint by Janet Myhill-Dabbs, donated by Ginger Mullins and won by Hernie baarslag-voorham


Dinner ended with a touching speech from Janet, which can be seen on the video below.

My Next and final post will be the SCW charity dolls.

Thanks for looking…………….


We all gathered In the bar area for registration and of course everyone was excited to see each other.



Janet was busy in her office distributing the SCW bags, there were 2 types, one for the Sasha celebration doll makers and one for the crafters.


At last it was my turn to get my bag and I had taken along my newly acquired and I believe the only known course doll clown I have ever seen. The story behind this little guy I have called “Bozo”, is that he belonged to one of  Sasha Morgenthaler’s seamstresses. He is unusual in  that he has a hand knotted wig, which is something I personally have only seen on studio dolls.




I had brought a couple of my Sasha dolls with me to join in the fun.

Miss Nobody




And Pebbles.


After registration it was time to set up the Mini ME’s and look alike competition

I had two entrants in this group Ed Sheeran complete with facial hair for the look alike section.



and my Mini Me.


Here are the others

Above the winning entry of Sasha Morgenthaler by Maria Newman.

The ballet photo competition was created by Carol Leyland, in honour of her late Mother who was also a Sasha Doll fan. Here are the entries.




The winning entry was this phot by Jackie Rystrom

IMG_1184 (2)

This photo is the runner  up by Maria Newman.


Friday evening dinner




Gitta came too.


Janets girls.




Mary Righos put together a lovely slide show of previous Sasha Celebration Weekends.

After dinner it was time to start our Sasha Celebration dolls heads.





Tired but happy we reited to our rooms around 10pm, tired but excited for the next morning. Stayed tuned for day 2.


Thanks for looking………………





Friday morning prior to registration for the Sasha Celebration Weekend, I decided to take Anette Grob-Hecker and Ginger Mullins on a visit to Chatsworth House a wonderful English stately home.

The present display at Chatsworth house is The Dog.

This exhibition, conceived by the Duchess of Devonshire, explores the Cavendish family’s enduring love for dogs, through paintings, drawings, sculpture, letters, photographs and contemporary art. We’ve sniffed out all of our favourite stories, capturing the idiosyncratic, faithful, endearing and playful character of man’s best friend.
Ranging from historic to present day pieces, specially selected loans from public and private collections will be presented alongside items from the Devonshire Collection, featuring everything from working dogs to woven dogs, dogs on canvas to dogs on camera and from puppets to popular culture.
Star works from Constable, Stubbs, Gainsborough and Landseer sit beside contemporary pieces by Lucian Freud, Jeff Koons, Antony Gormley, Elisabeth Frink and on the South Lawn a specially commissioned eight metre high scaffold dog created by Ben Long complete the dogs in art line-up.


Chatsworth house is amazing, so I will let the photos do most of the talking.




(Above: I had mentioned on seeing the sheep and lambs running about the estate that goats are my favourite animal and then bumped into one)

Once inside Ginger made herself at home.


Anette was very taken with the entrance hall.





(Above: a wonderful statue)


(A boy and his dog)


(Above: the chapel ceiling wonderfully painted. You cannot see in the photo, but there is a secret door to the right in the panelling. During the 2nd World war the chapel was used as a dormitory for school girls and when they heard about the secret door, there imaginations ran away with them, apparently they burst through the secret door expecting to find a secret passage, unfortunately it was a room occupied by the librarian, who was not happy about being disturbed by a bunch of school girls.)

Climbing up the stairs to another level.




Into the State room




A view from the window.


The music room with the fabulous 3D painted violin that hangs on the back of the door, I really found it hard to believe that it was not a real violin.



Below a wonderful painting of our Queen Elizabeth with some of her dogs.



The photo below just struck me as funny as to me the ape looked out of place in the setting.




(Above: I love the strategically placed thistles to stop you sitting on the chairs)

Below a modernist hall way.


Into the guest bedrooms complete with dog beds, opulence everywhere and wonderfully painted wallpaper.



(Above Ginger opted for this bed)





Another bedroom.







we made our way towards the exit as we needed to be back in time for registration.



We passed through the gift shop, picking out a couple of souvenirs  to take home.



We made our way back to Eastwood Hall for the Sasha Celebration weekend.

Stay tuned for the next part which is more Sasha doll related.

Thanks for looking …………………….













Here she is the International raffle prize Prima the ballerina. She is a wonderful make over, repainted vinyl Sasha doll, by our very talented Janet Myhill- Dabbs. Her outfit, consisting of her leotard and Tutu were made by Ginny of a Passion for Sasha and Ginny also donated the ballet slippers. The knitted bolero and leg warmers were handcrafted by Janet .  She is truly a beautiful raffle prize indeed. Here are some more photos for you to peruse.








The rules are the same as before, anyone who is not attending from any country can purchase raffle tickets for the amazing ballerina re-paint. As before postage will be paid by the SCW.

To Clarify for anyone who did not participate in the previous International raffle, Non- attendees can purchase raffle tickets now and anytime up to the 2nd of May. Attendees can purchase their raffle tickets on the day. I hope that is now clear.


Tickets can be purchased from me via PayPal as friends and family, the PayPal address is oneilltheresa@rocketmail.com and cost £3 each. Once I have received your payment I will issue you your raffle ticket numbers.
Also if anyone has a raffle prize they would like to donate can you please contact Tricia Jackson at triciaj57@gmail.com

The deadline and closing date will be  6pm English time on Thursday 2nd of May 2019

All money made from the raffle with go to Save The Children  International, a very worthy cause.


Ginny’s site A Passion for Sasha can be found on Etsy with this link, https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/APassionforSasha?ref=l2-shop-info-avatar&listing_id=541682757

Thanks for looking……………………….



HI Everyone I have just returned from Janet’s having delivered the last of the cast course doll heads for the SCW and helped Janet to get the ready for the big weekend.

Whilst I was there I had a sneak preview of a beautiful ballerina re-paint that Janet has created for an International raffle for the SCW in aid of  The Save the Children International charity.

As Janet is super busy she has asked me to take this on, so the rules are the same as before, anyone who is not attending from any country can purchase raffle tickets for the amazing ballerina re-paint. As before postage will be paid by the SCW.

Tickets can be purchased from me via PayPal as friends and family, the PayPal address is oneilltheresa@rocketmail.com and cost £3 each. Photos of this wonderful girl will be posted on here as soon as Janet has finished her outfit.

Also if anyone has a raffle prize they would like to donate can you please contact Tricia Jackson at triciaj57@gmail.com



Thanks for looking and I will be posting the photos of the Ballerina and giving you an update as soon as possible.


Thanks for looking…………………………..

The 2nd of February arrived and we opened the doors to The haggle and Gaggle at 11am.


(Above the Statue of the Spirit of Milton Keynes, greeted our guests at the entrance to the village hall)

The Haggle and Gaggle was held to raise money for an orphanage in Bulgaria which is home to some lovely children many, who are severely disabled. This is a cause which is very close to the heart of my co host Petrana.

Petrana and her family have been supporting this orphanage for years and every time she returns to Bulgaria she takes items with her for the children, so it seemed only right that this was to be the charity that we would raise money for.

For the first time ever we decide to hold an International raffle for the non attendees to join in and it was a huge success. I hope other events will take this up in the future.

So to the photos, as I was hosting this event I did not have time to take many photos, so I would like to say a massive thank you to Alan Hinchcliffe for taking lots of photos and streaming the videos live on Facebook.

Photos of the sales tables;





Above Rosie and Teresa Bloom’s sales table. So happy that Rosie and Teresa were able to attend and hope we will see them at other events in the future. Rosie also has her own website called, https://www.rosiebloom.co.uk/





above was Dawn Laws table.

Below is my table and with any dolls people wanted to sell.




below Jane Woodward’s sales table





Below Dee’s sales table


below Jane Woodbridge’s table.


For our theme we chose a Valentines Party , there was a hot air balloon and I can’t thank Teresa Bloom enough for volunteering to climb a ladder and hang it for me. There was a kissing booth manned by Mr G and I think he was overwhelmed at all the attention her was getting. Tod was in charge of the flower cart, with Sasha sized valentine bouquets and there was also a stand with ice-creams and hotdogs for all to enjoy. There was some fabulous outfits on display, but I think my favourite had to be the little cupid baby who belonged to Rebecca Morris.



The hot air balloon (goodness knows what that baby is doing?)





The kissing booth




The flower cart



Some of the visiting dolls.












I was the lucky winner at last years Chat,N Snap of a wonderful Shwe Shwe outfit by Anna Page, and she presented it to me at The Haggle and Gaggle. There were 3 other dolls wearing Shwe Shwe outfits, all of which were beautifully made by Anna.


My girl is the one on the right in green and red.



Janet’s girl with beautiful eyes.


We hope you liked the food, Petrana, her daughter Stoya, son, Marti, Marti’s other half Alexis and my daughter Chanise, did a great job in the kitchen and Petrana displayed the food beautifully.




The Haggle and Gaggle cake.


I received a parcel from Kendal Hackney who was unable to attend and the parcel contained two beautiful vintage Sasha outfits for the raffle and a tin of M&S Belgian chocolate biscuits, along we a lovely note from Kendal, wishing us all a great day and to have a biccy with a cup of tea or coffee.


Some of our attendees enjoying a gaggle









Here are photos of our raffle table.








We called the raffle at 2:30pm and, starting with the International raffle and then moving on to the attendees raffle.

The international raffle prizes consisted of: an early Gotz Sasha doll, with a complete wardrobe made by Petrana and it was won by Cathy Himmel in the U.S.A


2nd prize was one by Susanne Locke and it was a studio doll outfit made by Petrana


3rd prize was a super coat outfit made by Petrana and won by Florence Gadkol in U.S.A


In the Attendees raffle:

1st prize of the English Sasha with complete wardrobe by Petrana was won by Diane Duke.


2nd Prize a little baby eyes painted by Diane Dailey was won by Laura Horner


3rd Prize a Gregor was won by Fiona Hinchcliffe

raffle prize 6

4th Prize  a Sasha wardrobe made by Petrana was won by Teresa Bloom

IMG_0562 (2)


5th Prize baby Sasha in white outfit was won by Lee Moore

IMG_0561 (2)

6th Prize Sasha sketches was won by ( if anyone can tell me who was the winner of these beautiful sketches by Joni please do so)



There were so many beautiful raffle prizes and I would like to say a great big thank you to all who donated raffle prizes.


Many thanks to Anna Page and Jocelyn Rose for being our taxi service for the day.


Petrana and I thought we would mark the occasion by giving all of our guests a gift bag. I spent a few hours hand painting the bags and Petrana sewed all the pairs of tights and skirts. we also added a Haggle and Gaggle pen and valentine Balloon.



For those that stayed on we had a lovely meal in the Village pub, a great end to a lovely day.


The grand total raised from The event is £2,419.50

since going to press we have received another donation and the total at this moment is: £2,548


Petrana will be giving us updates on how the money will be spent.


I can’t say a big enough thankyou to you all


If you would like to see other blogs covering The haggle and Gaggle the links are below.





Thanks for looking……………………













Hi everyone I thought that I would give you an update as we only have 9 days to go until The Haggle & Gaggle.

First of all I would like to thank everybody that has sent in raffle prizes and I thought I would show you some of them here.


Above, a jumper, scarf and hat set, knitted and donated by Linda Simpson.


Above 2 wonderful sketches, created and donated by Joni Jacobs.


Above 2 outfits made and donated Vicky Chapman




Above three knitted cardigan/jumpers made and donated by Pam Winter-Turner.


Above a jumper and hat knitted and donated by Rosie Laird


Above an outfit made and donated by Dolly Doodles.

Below more raffle donations.






And there are many more which you will get to see on the day.

Now and important announcement for the International raffle, it is our aim to stream this raffle live to Facebook at 2:30pm (English time ), so tune in if you want to see the results.

A great big thank you to everybody who has already purchased tickets for the International Raffle.

Lastly, don’t forget to dress your Sasha Gregor, Toddlers or Babies ready for a party as our theme is a valentines party.

looking forward to seeing al attendees on Saturday 2nd February at 11:am.

Any Questions contact me via email at theresa.oneill@talktalk.net


Thanks for looking………………


Just a reminder that our theme for The Haggle and Gaggle is a valentines party, so don’t forget to Bring your Sasha, Gregor, baby or Toddler, ready to party.

Also the closing date for the purchase of tickets for the International Raffle is the 20th January.

looking forward to seeing you all, not long to go now…………………