Bow Dresses


I have a penchant for dresses with side bows on them, so I though I would share some with you.

Ida is modelling a bow dress by the very talented Sarah Williams and shoes by the late great Jean Jenson. Here a couple more of Ida. I think this colour suits her well.



Next up is a new member to The Sasha Emporium. Her name is Rhona.


I love her eyes. Here are a few more of her. She is also modelling a Bow dress by Sarah Williams and shoes by Craig Randall.




Next we have Stephanie, who is modelling a Bow dress from an unknown maker. Her shoes are by Marti Murphy. I prefer shorter dresses, but I loved the colour of this one. I think it suits Stephanie.



A little bit of information about the models:

Ida is a 1966 NP eyes painted by  Sara Doggart

Rhona is a 1967 NP

Stephanie is a pale skin no nose from the 1st Gotz production.

Thanks for dropping by

Hope to see you soon………………………..


  1. That is such a lovely style of dress, I can see why you are smitten. Rhona is a lovely addition to the Twizel family too.


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