This is Ida my first No Philtrum Sasha doll and I am so glad she has come to join my Sasha doll family. Ida was born in 1966. Her dress pants and vest are her original clothing. She has a full centre parting and a single row fringe pulled trough from the 2nd row.


In the next few photos Ida is wearing a  white dress made by Vicky Chapman and shoes by Craig Randall



In the next photos Ida is wearing a peach smocked dress by Marilyn Hotchkiss and a pair of very early JJ shoes


In the next photos Ida is wearing an outfit I love which I bought from a maker in Germany and shoes by Marti Murphy


In this outfit which is a bit warmer, Ida is wearing another outfit by Vicky Chapman and one of the last pairs of shoes made by the late great JJ.



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