Helen Visits The Olde Gaol in Buckingham

by twizeltheresa Pro @ 2014-08-20 – 21:00:28

Today Helen and i decided to visit Buckingham which is approximately 7 miles from where i live.
Buckingham Old Gaol is located in the centre of historic Buckingham. Gaol is the old English way of spelling Jail, so the old Gaol is the old Jail in Buckingham.
Buckingham Old Gaol
Located in the heart of historic market town of Buckingham, the iconic Old Gaol was built in 1748 in the style of a castle, with later additions in 1839 by the famous local architect George Gilbert Scott. It is one of the key visitor attractions of Buckingham.The outside of the building looks just like a little castle.
Entrance to the Old Gaol is through the governors house. The walls on the stair case up to the 1st floor have some enchanting paintings on them.
At the top of the stairs there is along corridor with various different rooms. Each room has something different inside.
The first room contains fossils and various bronze age tools that have been found in Buckingham.
The next room featured the Tudor period, in particular Henry the V111
first wife Katherine of Aragon whi is said to have introduced the craft of lace making to the women of Buckingham.
The next rom we encountered was the medieval room that had a show case of various buckles and buttons of that time.
There was also a man in this room who was working very hard, Helen decided to give him some encouragement and shouted at him “hit it harder”
From the look on the mans face he was not impressed.
At this point Helen decided it was time we moved on so she went to the doorway and then stopped, “she said oh,oh i think we are in trouble.”
Out on the landing was a Victorian policeman. I reminded Helen that we were in a jail so it would be best if we kept a low profile from here on in.
Another room had some lovely examples of lace and i found out where the term looking for a “needle in a haystack” came from.
Another room was all about the civil war and did you know that the Royal Mace has very humble beginnings before it became the ornate mace it is today.
Out onto the landing before we descend the stairs to the cells and you can really get a feeling for what it must have been like for the poor inmates with no electricity or running water.
Helen and i entered one of the cells which contained a prisoner and two other men.
Helen decided to take a closer look at prison life.
We moved out of the cells and into the exercise yard.
Helen tried out the stocks
Buckingham held different markets on different days.
This visit is in two parts so if you would like to see what else Helen got up to then tune in tomorrow.

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