Where Did Helen Go Next?

That’s a very good Question.
Yesterday Jocelyn kindly dropped Helen around to my home, so that she could continue her travels.
A few of my Sasha’s decided it would be a nice idea to have a get together with a few of their friends and throw a garden party in honour of Helens arrival.
So without further ado, we drove off to pick up Karin of Sashamania and a few more Sasha’s.
We all met up at Gillian Nash’s house so that Helen could meet some more Sasha’s. During the day we had a visit from Dee Owen and some more Sasha’s.

barbeque 1
Helen was very honoured that her friends had thrown a garden party for her.
Gracie had decided that she was going to be master-chef. Gracie told everyone to form a queue. Helen looked a bit bemused and said to Gracie, “what is a queue?”
Oh, said Gracie “don’t worry a queue is an English tradition, whenever there is more than two people waiting for something they just stand behind each other and wait and it is called a queue”
So Helen formed her first queue while she waited with the other’s to taste the delicious food that Gracie was cooking up on the barbecue.

While she was waiting in the queue Helen noticed two girls on the other side of the garden playing some sort of game with wooden mallets so he asked the girls what they were doing.
The girls replied that they were about to start a game of Croquet an old English game.

Elsewhere in the garden there was another old English game being played that is called quoits.Karin’s little lad decided that he would have a go at skipping.

The babies were having fun sitting on their blanket playing with their teddies and Woof loyally sat with the babies hoping someone would drop a burger.

Wendy and the queue.4pgIMG_1140
In another part of the garden some of the group were hanging out on their bikes.

Here are a couple of close up photo’s of the queue.

Outside Knitty Nora’s there was a creche with lots of wonderful prams.

And of course there were the adults who thoroughly enjoyed watching the kids play!!

All in all a great day for everyone and a nice way for Helen to start her stay with me.
Where will Helen go next?, well you will just have to wait and see!!

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