The Olde Gaol (part2 Lark Rise To Candleford)

Helen and i left the exercise yard. We discovered a room with an exhibition in honour of Flora Thompson the author of Lark Rise to Candleford.
In this room there is also some lovely lace and a beautiful hand made child’s gown. Lace was produced locally in Buckingham.

Flora Thompson was the eldest of 10 children of whom 6 had died very young. Her father was a stone mason and her mother was a former nursemaid.
Flora Thompson is famed both for her literary skills and for the valuable contribution she made to social history. her acclaimed trilogy “Lark Rise to Candleford” tells of the rural community in North Oxfordshire where she grew up in the late 19th century.

Above is a photo of Flora Thompson and below is a map of Fringford and Buckingham.

Just before we left Helen and i signed the visitor’s book.

The last door you go through before you leave the Old Gaol brings you into a quaint antique shop. I found three lovely litle bears for sale which i purchased and one of them will be going into helens aution next year. Here are some photo’s of the rear view of the Old Goal and also a statue of the swan girl that stands at the front of the Old Gaol.

Well that concludes Helen’s visit to The Old Gaol and below is a photo of the souvenirs that i will be sending to Wendy to commemorate Helen’s visit. They are a leaflet about the Old Gaol, a booklet on Flora Thompson. a magic slate,a red teddy bear with a garnet around its neck and a porcelain thimble with a picture of the The Old Gaol on it.


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