Just a reminder that our theme for The Haggle and Gaggle is a valentines party, so don’t forget to Bring your Sasha, Gregor, baby or Toddler, ready to party.

Also the closing date for the purchase of tickets for the International Raffle is the 20th January.

looking forward to seeing you all, not long to go now…………………

Hi everyone the 2nd of February is fast approaching, which means the Haggle and Gaggle will soon be here.

For everyone who is attending that has not purchased your entry ticket yet can you please do so, as soon as possible as we will have to close this at least a week before to allow for catering and your souvenir bags.

Raffle prizes are coming in, if you have yet to send one please allow for postage time, if you are brining one with you, thank you very much.

Here is a taster of some of the raffle prizes. There will be more and if you want a real surprize please make sure you read this blog post right to the end.

The international raffle prize is this lovely little lady, plus her wardrobe.


All the other raffle prizes are for the attendees only and here are a few.

raffle prize 1

This young lady with her entire mix and match wardrobe.more photos can be seen on Petranas site https://www.sasha-doll.com

raffle prize 2

The next two lovelies were kindly donated by two of our Sasha friends

raffle prize 4

Beautiful baby by Diane Dailey

raffle prize 3

raffle prize 6

Handsome young man donated by Madeleine Foong

raffle prize 5

This lovely hand knitted set has been donated by the wonderful Linda Simpson.


There are more raffle prizes, but I think that will keep you going for a little while.

Now then I can feel you getting impatient so I will continue .

We have amongst our sales tables at this event a dear Sasha friend who has not attended a Sasha event since 2012. can you guess?

Here are some clues.

rosie blooms



Ok, so the clues were good and you have guessed it Rosie bloom owner of :


The best Sasha doll shoe maker in the United Kingdom and her sister Teresa will be attending for those of you who have never met Rosie , you are in for a treat.

did you read until the end, I will know if you haven’t.

Thanks for looking…………………




Hi Everyone, just a reminder that we have only 30 days to go before the Haggle and Gaggle. If you would like to send in a raffle prize please do so. You can send raffle prizes to me or if you are attending and would like to donate a raffle prize you can bring It with you. The international raffle for the non attendees will close on the 20th January, so if you want to buy International raffle tickets please do so before the 20th January. Any questions please send me a message or contact me via email at theresa.oneill@talktalk.net


Hi everyone, by now you have watched the Queens speech and never want to see turkey again.So I am taking this opportunity to get your attention for a few minutes.

As you may or may not know the first Sasha event for 2019 is being held in England on the 2nd of February . It is a 1 day Sasha event raising money for a children’s orphanage in Bulgaria.

For the first time ever we are holding an International raffle along side the normal raffle. The International raffle prize was going to stay a mystery up until the day , however I have bowed to pressure and am revealing the international raffle prize on here now.

The international raffle prize is open to anyone whether you are attending the event or not and it does not matter what country you live in.

The international raffle prize tickets cost £3 English sterling each and can be purchased from me, via paypal as a gift at theresa.oneill@talktalk.net

The International raffle prize is a beautiful early slate eye Gotz, which I have donated from my own collection and my co host Petrana has created a complete trousseau for her. I will let the photos do the talking, her beautiful clothes can be mixed and matched.



















I think you will agree that Petrana has done a fabulous job on her wardrobe. so if you have not yet purchased an international raffle ticket please do so as this is such a worthy cause and there will be update’s so you will be able to see where the money raised has been spent. Any questions please leave a comment and I will get back to you. Also postage will be paid at no expense to you.

Thanks for looking………………………..








Hi everyone, today I decided to try out my new, portable photo shoot booth. I apologise in advance that this is not all Sasha related, and that, my lovely models are not dressed for the winter, but worry not, they are inside and the heating is on. One of the main reasons I bought this photo booth was to be able to take photos whatever the weather. It comes with various colour back drops and here is the first one which is white.



Now then, I did say it was not all Sasha related, there are a couple of non Sasha dolls that live at the Sasha Emporium and they are called JerryBerry dolls. I was drawn to them as they have wonderfully hand painted eye and are fantastic to pose.









Next up is the blue back ground, this photo booth comes with lighting too, so I really need a bit more practice









Finally the red backdrop.



Next time I will iron the backdrops before use and the Jeryberrys have promised not to photo bomb any more Sasha photo shoots.


Thanks for looking………………



It was 31st October, All souls Eve or Halloween as we know it, when all sorts or ghoulies and Ghosties potter about.

Under the guidance of their big sister’s, Trixie and Miss Nobody, Tod and Dot were off out for a spot of trick or treating.


Tod was dressed as a ghost and Dot was carrying her Halloween bucket due to the fact as Tod told her, “Ghosts don’t have hands”

They came across a house that looked a little scary and it had a note on the door that said “No Trick or Treater’s”.


Dot said, “I don’t think we should knock on that door”. “Nonsense, “said Tod, that’s all part of the joke,” come on!”


After what seemed like ages, the door started to open


Then out came the scariest looking snake lady that the toddlers had ever seen.


Her eyes were gold with black slits, she had snakes all over her and she had fangs.


Tod and Dot stood rooted to the spot for all of two seconds before they let out a loud scream and made a run for it, as fast as their little legs would carry them.


Dot dropped her Halloween bucket in fright and Tod has a bit of trouble keeping up with her as its not easy to run in a ghost outfit.


The snake lady watched them run away.


She raised her arms up in frustration and shouted, “please come back I won’t hurt you!”


By this time Tod and Dot had caught back up with Miss Nobody and were telling her all about it as best they could, in between trying not to cry, because they had been so frightened.


Miss Nobody calmed them both down and told Dot to hold her hand, as she was going back there to give this snake lady a piece of her mind for scaring her little brother and sister.


Meanwhile back at the Snake ladies house things were beginning to stir, after all it is Halloween and there is a lot of magic about. The snake lady began to feel different.


First of all one of her fangs disappeared , then the other.


Then one of her eyes changed.


Then the other


The snakes fell from her head.


The snake lady was no more.


I’m me again


She called out after the children to come back but they had long gone.



“I must find those poor frightened toddlers and give them back their Halloween bucket that they dropped”, she said.


Soon , the Sasha formerly known as the Snake Lady,had met up with Miss Nobody and the toddlers.


Miss Nobody was just about to give the former Snake Lady a piece of her mind, but as she apologised for scaring the toddlers, miss Nobody decided to listen to what she had to say.


You see said the former Snake Lady, “My name is, “Waif”, I was taken away and locked in that horrible house by a witch who placed a spell on me , turning me into that Scary Snake lady. The spell could only be broken if a toddler knocked on the door, but as the witch put up that sign saying No trick or treater’s, I thought I would be there forever. If it wasn’t for your Tod being so brave to knock, I would still be there. I am a very nice person really.


That’s ok said Tod, look I’m not really a ghost and you are welcome to come back home with us, I am sure my brother’s and sisters will love you.


Oh, thank you, said Waif and off they all went to introduce Waif to everyone else.





Now, it just goes to show you that you can never judge a Sasha by it’s appearance, after all they are magical aren’t they.


Thanks for looking ……………….





There was a lovely display of visiting dolls, I don’t know who owned some of them, but if you would like me to add your name, let me know.



The bevy of beauties above belong to Jane Mcluskie



This vibrant gang of Sasha’s I believe belong to Teddy, who has had some luck with his hair dying techniques.



Helen the wandering doll belonging to Diane Duke and Granny Peggy.


This lovely group belong to Dollmum and her daughter.


The  4 beauties on the back wall belong to Jocelyn and will be re-homed soon.


This beautiful girl belongs to Fiona


Not sure who owns the dolls in the next three photos.







The next photos are of my own dolls.


Above is Mr G looking after little dot, whilst Tod carries out his ghost duties.


Above are Miss Nobody and Trixie showing of their new coats by Vicky chapman


Above Frechdachs, Ida and Tess




Above Tod is back from his ghost duties and has changed into his new favourite dog coat by Vicky Chapman.

A big thank you to Dee for once again holding such a wonderful event and raising £1300 for charity.


Thank you for looking and don’t forget to mark Saturday February 2nd 2019 in your diary as you are invited to join Petrana and I for our charity event in Milton Keynes.


All details can be found here – https://thesashaemporium.org/2018/09/11/announcingthe-haggle-and-gaggle/



What an array of wonderful Halloween outfits.


The band, by Dollmum and Daughter.



The party goer’s


Just love the hat on Dee’s girl



Janet’s pumpkin boy was another of my favourites.


more ghouls and ghost’s



Lee’s mummy and my snake lady Medusa.



Just love this bat girl


more enchanting folk.







Thanks for looking………….

part 4 final part coming soon.





We all had to go to the back of the hall and Dee gave the countdown to start and we were off for a bit of snapping.





Hello Alan


Then there was the chatting.


Petrana and Michelle





Then there was the raffle prize table




This lovely girl was donated by Dee


This lovely Girl and outfit was donated by Petrana.


You will be very pleased to know that I did not win first prize in the raffle (the curse is broken I hear you shout), however, I did win a lovely raffle prize donated by Dollmum and that is a personalised shweshwe outfit, which I am really looking forward to.

Ginny from A Passion for Sasha won first prize, well done Ginny.


Thanks for looking………….

part 3 coming up.


Finally the 20th of October had arrived and that meant only one thing, The Chat’n’Snap. So, it was off to St Ippolyts  church hall, where a great day was had by everyone who attended.

First up are photos of the sales tables.

Dolly doodles table.



Diane Duke’s table

Happy to see Helen the wandering doll, giving a helping hand.


Michelle’s table.




Petrana’s table with another little helper.




Jane Woodward’s table, with yummy trifles.



Ginny’s table, A Passion for Sasha




Marilyn Hotchkiss’s table.



Jane woodbridge’s table.




Chris Meatyards table.




Janet Myhill-Dabbs table.




Gayle Rotheim’s table.



Dawn Laws table.





Dee’s table



The adopt a doll table.




Thanks for looking…………..

Come back for Part 2







village hall



The what I hear you say? Well let me explain. The Haggle And Gaggle is a one day Sasha event, being hosted by Myself and Petrana.

It will be held at Broughton,Milton Keynes village hall, please see the link below.


The postal address is:Milton Keynes and Broughton Village Hall
Willen Road,
Milton Keynes Village,
MK10 9AF

The Haggle and Gaggle event will be held on Saturday February 2nd,  2019, from 11am until 4pm.

Hot drinks and snacks will be available

Entry will be £10 per person and you can buy your tickets, by contacting Petrana  at: info@sasha-doll.com (tickets are to be purchased by using  paypal as family friends, all proceeds from this event will go to charity)

Tickets are non refundable and must be purchased before the event.

Sales tables are limited and can be purchased for £10 by contacting either Petrana at : info@sasha-doll.com or myself at: theresa.oneill@talktalk.net

There will be a raffle, details will be released nearer the event date.

There is ample parking at the church hall and here are the links to nearby hotels should you wish to stay over.




Petrana and I look forward to meeting old friends and new for some quality Sasha time.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch.


Haggle and Gaggle update: International Mystery Raffle prize. At the Haggle and Gaggle event there will be  some wonderful raffle prizes along with great sales tables.

In the past at Sasha events, people who were not able to attend have asked whether they could purchase raffle tickets. Next year  at this event all but one raffle prize with be for attendees only.

The international mystery raffle prize will be open to anyone including those attending.

The Mystery raffle prize is Sasha related and worth at least £100

For those not attending you will need to purchase your raffle tickets before the event. The raffle tickets will cost £3 sterling

tickets can be purchased by paypal as friends and family.

All proceeds will go to  charity. If you would like to purchase a ticket or tickets please leave a comment and I will get in touch with you.