Before setting off to this years long awaited Chat”N”Snap, there was a bit of squabbling amongst the Emporium Sasha’s as to whom should be accompanying me on the journey?

Well of course all of the Dungarees, Gang wanted to come, but they saw sense and thought that one member of the Gang would be enough, so the newest member with the eyelashes was chosen as he had not been before.

Well, that was the boys sorted now the girls had to decide and the choice was made, that Matilde would come as she had not been before either.

There was room for one more and they all decided that as Aunty Kendal could not make it this time, then Miss Nobody would go to cheer her up.

Miss Nobody is wearing an outfit by Vintage Sasha.

So we were finally off, after following my satnavs weird and wonderful way of finding new ways to get to the same place we arrived on time. How nice it was to see old friends and meet some new ones.

Here are the sales tables.

My table
Dolly Doodles Table
Jane McLuskie’s Table
Lee’s table
Linda’s Table
Tricia’s table
Petrana’s Table
Chris’s Table
Michelle’s Table
Jane’s Table

(Apologies as I did not get a photo of Dawn or Ginny’s tables)

The Raffle prizes

The attendees.

The visiting dolls: This year due to social distancing we could only bring what we could carry.

The loot:

OK, I know you are going to say it (Theresa should be banned from raffles) and yes, I did draw the first ticket at the raffle, but I did not take a doll!

I chose the jumper knitted by Catherine French. It is beautiful and I am over the moon as I have wanted one for years.

The other item I won at the raffle was a delightful pale green dress and pants outfit.

All other raffles ticket wins I donated to others, so that I do not get banned in the future!

I brought the latest design Christmas head wear from Dolly Doodles

I brought some very yummy sandwiches from Jane

Some lovely scarves from Linda

And a Vintage Sasha outfit from Chris

Finally a great big thank you to Dee and all the helpers it was a great day and raised over a £1000 for charity. looking forward to next year already……………………………..


I have a penchant for dresses with side bows on them, so I though I would share some with you.

Ida is modelling a bow dress by the very talented Sarah Williams and shoes by the late great Jean Jenson. Here a couple more of Ida. I think this colour suits her well.



Next up is a new member to The Sasha Emporium. Her name is Rhona.


I love her eyes. Here are a few more of her. She is also modelling a Bow dress by Sarah Williams and shoes by Craig Randall.




Next we have Stephanie, who is modelling a Bow dress from an unknown maker. Her shoes are by Marti Murphy. I prefer shorter dresses, but I loved the colour of this one. I think it suits Stephanie.



A little bit of information about the models:

Ida is a 1966 NP eyes painted by  Sara Doggart

Rhona is a 1967 NP

Stephanie is a pale skin no nose from the 1st Gotz production.

Thanks for dropping by

Hope to see you soon………………………..


Here are the the Dungaree Gang, and what are they up to you may well add? The D/Gang had decided it was time to get out in the warm weather.


They stood around for a while deciding what to do (well most of them).

“I know lets go rock climbing “,one said



How about a wheel barrow race?


“Are You thinking , what I’m thinking?,” said the others, looking upwards.


Of course tree climbing.




Nothing like a Sasha  or Gregor tree in the garden


That’s it from the D/Gang, thanks for dropping by.



The D/Gang comprises of:

Mr G a 1986 tiny eyed boy

Another 1968 brunette boy with crude eyes and feathered brows

A 1968 shorts boy

An early Blonde  1970’s boy with lashes.

Many thanks to Vicky Chapman for the wonderful dungaree outfits.


Hope to post again soon.

It was that time of year again, when Dee Owen holds a one day Sasha Event called the Chat n Snap. Its a wonderful chance for Sasha doll lovers old an new to hang out and grab a few goodies. This year was the 7th and the best one for me so far ,in  that many friends I had not seen for quite awhile were able to attend.

This years theme was the Pie Rats of the Carrot Bean. It was a spectacular display to say the least. So without further ado here are the photos.

First up the Sales tables:




















Well that was thirsty work so off for a well earned cuppa, now, then the two ladies in the next photo are a marvel, in particular Dee’s daughter, who did amazing job in the kitchen and the raffle.


Whilst having my cuppa I took the opportunity to do a bit of chattine. I can’t tell you how thrilled I was to see so many friends, but the lady in the next photo, our, Brenda Walton is such a wonderful person and a lovely freind.


A couple of more out takes here.





Lets take a look at that wonderful display.



Here is the Raffle table


Below Dee’s Daughter folding all those raffle tickets.


The raffle was a resounding success and raised over a £1000

The visiting dolls


I love this NP belonging to Linda


Not sure who the three above belong to.


Diane’s Studio doll


No mistaking that knitting these two lovelies belong to Linda


These are Catherine’s lovely girls.





These 4 are mine starting from the left a crude eyed girl, a blonde Gregor with eye lashes,a shorts boy and Ida my NP.


A close up of my crude eyed girl.


Diane Duke brought along a few of her other collectables, which included 2 cloned Mexican Sasha dolls, some Glunk dolls and some dolls from the Frido factory, which was the former name of the Trendon factory, along with some books elating to Sasha Morgenthaler.




Thats all folks, apart from to say a huge thank you to Dee and all her helpers, I personally am really looking forward to next year, where it will be the 1940’s and evacuation time for the children.


Thanks for looking ………………………….

The 2nd of February arrived and we opened the doors to The haggle and Gaggle at 11am.


(Above the Statue of the Spirit of Milton Keynes, greeted our guests at the entrance to the village hall)

The Haggle and Gaggle was held to raise money for an orphanage in Bulgaria which is home to some lovely children many, who are severely disabled. This is a cause which is very close to the heart of my co host Petrana.

Petrana and her family have been supporting this orphanage for years and every time she returns to Bulgaria she takes items with her for the children, so it seemed only right that this was to be the charity that we would raise money for.

For the first time ever we decide to hold an International raffle for the non attendees to join in and it was a huge success. I hope other events will take this up in the future.

So to the photos, as I was hosting this event I did not have time to take many photos, so I would like to say a massive thank you to Alan Hinchcliffe for taking lots of photos and streaming the videos live on Facebook.

Photos of the sales tables;





Above Rosie and Teresa Bloom’s sales table. So happy that Rosie and Teresa were able to attend and hope we will see them at other events in the future. Rosie also has her own website called,





above was Dawn Laws table.

Below is my table and with any dolls people wanted to sell.




below Jane Woodward’s sales table





Below Dee’s sales table


below Jane Woodbridge’s table.


For our theme we chose a Valentines Party , there was a hot air balloon and I can’t thank Teresa Bloom enough for volunteering to climb a ladder and hang it for me. There was a kissing booth manned by Mr G and I think he was overwhelmed at all the attention her was getting. Tod was in charge of the flower cart, with Sasha sized valentine bouquets and there was also a stand with ice-creams and hotdogs for all to enjoy. There was some fabulous outfits on display, but I think my favourite had to be the little cupid baby who belonged to Rebecca Morris.



The hot air balloon (goodness knows what that baby is doing?)





The kissing booth




The flower cart



Some of the visiting dolls.












I was the lucky winner at last years Chat,N Snap of a wonderful Shwe Shwe outfit by Anna Page, and she presented it to me at The Haggle and Gaggle. There were 3 other dolls wearing Shwe Shwe outfits, all of which were beautifully made by Anna.


My girl is the one on the right in green and red.



Janet’s girl with beautiful eyes.


We hope you liked the food, Petrana, her daughter Stoya, son, Marti, Marti’s other half Alexis and my daughter Chanise, did a great job in the kitchen and Petrana displayed the food beautifully.




The Haggle and Gaggle cake.


I received a parcel from Kendal Hackney who was unable to attend and the parcel contained two beautiful vintage Sasha outfits for the raffle and a tin of M&S Belgian chocolate biscuits, along we a lovely note from Kendal, wishing us all a great day and to have a biccy with a cup of tea or coffee.


Some of our attendees enjoying a gaggle









Here are photos of our raffle table.








We called the raffle at 2:30pm and, starting with the International raffle and then moving on to the attendees raffle.

The international raffle prizes consisted of: an early Gotz Sasha doll, with a complete wardrobe made by Petrana and it was won by Cathy Himmel in the U.S.A


2nd prize was one by Susanne Locke and it was a studio doll outfit made by Petrana


3rd prize was a super coat outfit made by Petrana and won by Florence Gadkol in U.S.A


In the Attendees raffle:

1st prize of the English Sasha with complete wardrobe by Petrana was won by Diane Duke.


2nd Prize a little baby eyes painted by Diane Dailey was won by Laura Horner


3rd Prize a Gregor was won by Fiona Hinchcliffe

raffle prize 6

4th Prize  a Sasha wardrobe made by Petrana was won by Teresa Bloom

IMG_0562 (2)


5th Prize baby Sasha in white outfit was won by Lee Moore

IMG_0561 (2)

6th Prize Sasha sketches was won by ( if anyone can tell me who was the winner of these beautiful sketches by Joni please do so)



There were so many beautiful raffle prizes and I would like to say a great big thank you to all who donated raffle prizes.


Many thanks to Anna Page and Jocelyn Rose for being our taxi service for the day.


Petrana and I thought we would mark the occasion by giving all of our guests a gift bag. I spent a few hours hand painting the bags and Petrana sewed all the pairs of tights and skirts. we also added a Haggle and Gaggle pen and valentine Balloon.



For those that stayed on we had a lovely meal in the Village pub, a great end to a lovely day.


The grand total raised from The event is £2,419.50

since going to press we have received another donation and the total at this moment is: £2,548


Petrana will be giving us updates on how the money will be spent.


I can’t say a big enough thankyou to you all


If you would like to see other blogs covering The haggle and Gaggle the links are below.


Thanks for looking……………………













Hi everyone I thought that I would give you an update as we only have 9 days to go until The Haggle & Gaggle.

First of all I would like to thank everybody that has sent in raffle prizes and I thought I would show you some of them here.


Above, a jumper, scarf and hat set, knitted and donated by Linda Simpson.


Above 2 wonderful sketches, created and donated by Joni Jacobs.


Above 2 outfits made and donated Vicky Chapman




Above three knitted cardigan/jumpers made and donated by Pam Winter-Turner.


Above a jumper and hat knitted and donated by Rosie Laird


Above an outfit made and donated by Dolly Doodles.

Below more raffle donations.






And there are many more which you will get to see on the day.

Now and important announcement for the International raffle, it is our aim to stream this raffle live to Facebook at 2:30pm (English time ), so tune in if you want to see the results.

A great big thank you to everybody who has already purchased tickets for the International Raffle.

Lastly, don’t forget to dress your Sasha Gregor, Toddlers or Babies ready for a party as our theme is a valentines party.

looking forward to seeing al attendees on Saturday 2nd February at 11:am.

Any Questions contact me via email at


Thanks for looking………………


Just a reminder that our theme for The Haggle and Gaggle is a valentines party, so don’t forget to Bring your Sasha, Gregor, baby or Toddler, ready to party.

Also the closing date for the purchase of tickets for the International Raffle is the 20th January.

looking forward to seeing you all, not long to go now…………………

Hi everyone the 2nd of February is fast approaching, which means the Haggle and Gaggle will soon be here.

For everyone who is attending that has not purchased your entry ticket yet can you please do so, as soon as possible as we will have to close this at least a week before to allow for catering and your souvenir bags.

Raffle prizes are coming in, if you have yet to send one please allow for postage time, if you are brining one with you, thank you very much.

Here is a taster of some of the raffle prizes. There will be more and if you want a real surprize please make sure you read this blog post right to the end.

The international raffle prize is this lovely little lady, plus her wardrobe.


All the other raffle prizes are for the attendees only and here are a few.

raffle prize 1

This young lady with her entire mix and match wardrobe.more photos can be seen on Petranas site

raffle prize 2

The next two lovelies were kindly donated by two of our Sasha friends

raffle prize 4

Beautiful baby by Diane Dailey

raffle prize 3

raffle prize 6

Handsome young man donated by Madeleine Foong

raffle prize 5

This lovely hand knitted set has been donated by the wonderful Linda Simpson.


There are more raffle prizes, but I think that will keep you going for a little while.

Now then I can feel you getting impatient so I will continue .

We have amongst our sales tables at this event a dear Sasha friend who has not attended a Sasha event since 2012. can you guess?

Here are some clues.

rosie blooms



Ok, so the clues were good and you have guessed it Rosie bloom owner of :

The best Sasha doll shoe maker in the United Kingdom and her sister Teresa will be attending for those of you who have never met Rosie , you are in for a treat.

did you read until the end, I will know if you haven’t.

Thanks for looking…………………




Hi Everyone, just a reminder that we have only 13 days to go before the Haggle and Gaggle. If you would like to send in a raffle prize please do so. You can send raffle prizes to me or if you are attending and would like to donate a raffle prize you can bring It with you. The international raffle for the non attendees will close tonight at midnight English time on the 20th January, so if you want to buy International raffle tickets please do so. Any questions please send me a message or contact me via email at


As you may or may not know the first Sasha event for 2019 is being held in England on the 2nd of February . It is a 1 day Sasha event raising money for a children’s orphanage in Bulgaria.

For the first time ever we are holding an International raffle along side the normal raffle.

The international raffle prize is open to anyone whether you are attending the event or not and it does not matter what country you live in.

The international raffle prize tickets cost £3 English sterling each and can be purchased from me, via paypal as a gift at

The International raffle prize is a beautiful early slate eye Gotz, which I have donated from my own collection and my co host Petrana has created a complete trousseau for her. I will let the photos do the talking, her beautiful clothes can be mixed and matched.



















I think you will agree that Petrana has done a fabulous job on her wardrobe. so if you have not yet purchased an international raffle ticket please do so as this is such a worthy cause and there will be update’s so you will be able to see where the money raised has been spent. Any questions please leave a comment and I will get back to you. Also postage will be paid at no expense to you.

Thanks for looking………………………..








Hi everyone, today I decided to try out my new, portable photo shoot booth. I apologise in advance that this is not all Sasha related, and that, my lovely models are not dressed for the winter, but worry not, they are inside and the heating is on. One of the main reasons I bought this photo booth was to be able to take photos whatever the weather. It comes with various colour back drops and here is the first one which is white.



Now then, I did say it was not all Sasha related, there are a couple of non Sasha dolls that live at the Sasha Emporium and they are called JerryBerry dolls. I was drawn to them as they have wonderfully hand painted eye and are fantastic to pose.









Next up is the blue back ground, this photo booth comes with lighting too, so I really need a bit more practice









Finally the red backdrop.



Next time I will iron the backdrops before use and the Jeryberrys have promised not to photo bomb any more Sasha photo shoots.


Thanks for looking………………