Bletchley Park (part 3)

Once Helen had had a little rest we continued our tour of Bletchley Park. There is a lovely lake at Bletchley park and Helen insisted on having a photo taken by the lake as it looked so relaxing.
For the staff at Bletchley Park the Lake gave some rest bite from the conundrums of code breaking. In the Summer the lake provided opportunities for boating and in the winter when it froze over people would go skating on it.
In the background of the 2n photo you can just make out the mansion house.
The grounds of Bletchley Park also provide some much needed rest bite from the noise of the code breaking machines and also romantic liaisons.Helen found the grounds enchanting.

I visited Bletchley park a few years ago to take part in the Antique Road show and i queued for ages, but whilst i was in the queu i noticed that there was a herb garden dedicated to America. On this visit i tried t find it again.
I was told that what ever flower’s that were planted overtook the herb garden, but i was assured that all of the plants in this area were American. Unfortunately the only two litle markers left in what would have been the herb garden were very faded and don’t show up in the photo, but i can tell you that one says Alabama and the other New Jersey.

As we made our way up to the Mansion House, it was quite exciting when you think that the likes of Winston Churchill, The Royal Family and the Actors from the Bletchley Circle had all been into the Mansion House. Here is the Mansion House.

At the entrance to the Mansion House there are two gargoyals guarding the entrance. Helen found them quite amusing but by the look on their faces i don’t think they found her quite so amusing.

“oi, get off my head”

“be quiet and make like Harry Potter, lets fly”

“Will you let go of my ears young lady”
At this point i thought i has best separate Helen from the grumpy gargoyle and continue looking around the Mansion House.

The Mansion house if a very impressive building with lots of beautiful architecture. The first room we visited was the drawing/music room.
There was an impressive fireplace and mantel with a bust of Winston Churchill that Helen got quite friendly with and from the look on Winston’s face he was thoroughly enjoying their conversation.The drawing room was used in 1940 for security lectures and later it became the music room where gramophone concerts were held.

The Dining room was used as the Mess room throughout the war, another lovely room with an oak fireplace and mantel and a wonderful ceiling.

Below is a photo of a watercolour painting of the Mansion house and some photo’s of the interior of the entertainment/dance room.




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