Bletchley Park (part 2)

Hi Everyone Helen is back again to continue her outing to Bletchley Park.
After looking at the War Time Homes, Helen wandered into a War time classroom and made herself comfortable. Helen was quite intrigued by the book on the table as the title said “Common-Sense English”

As Helen looked around the classroom she notices Posters about Gas Masks.

Below is a photo of a babies Gas mask. not a very nice looking contraption at all. I remember my mother telling me that she refused to use the baby gas mask with my older brothers because it was operated by the mother pumping air into it for the baby to breath. My mother feared that if she was killed then the baby would suffocate.

There were some fantastic war time posters that i just had to photo graph below.

Below is a photo of some war time grocery’s and war time requirements like the ration book.

Helen was quite amused with the Spy accessories counter that she came accross.

Next we moved onto the Alan Turing section. Alan was a major player in the code breaking at Bletchley Park.

Not only was Alan Turing building the Bombe in England. but the American’s were building theirs in America too.

Helen thought the sculpture of Alan Turing was quite impressive.

There is a personal section dedicated to Alan Turing, showing his teddy bear and other personal items.
Alan Turing study mathematics at Cambridge and took part in the Oxford and Cambridge boat race. Below are photo’s of his Teddy Bear and the commemorative oars from the boat race.

As we left the huts and ventured outside we cam across a memorial that was opened by the queen in 2011.

Helen decided that we needed a rest before undertaking any further adventures, so she found herself a lovely seat cut out of a tree trunk and made herself comfy.


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