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Hi everyone this it to let you know that The Sasha Celebration Weekend is now full. Janet Tricia and I are looking forward to meeting old friends and new for a sashatastic time.

Now as you already know the craft that I will be demonstrating at the Sasha Celebration weekend is making and decorating masks for your Sasha, Gregor or baby doll.

I have added a few photos below of the sort of thing you can do, I have many more embellishments this is just to give you a guide. The mask with the green feathers was made by my 3 year old grandson so this is not difficult at all and should leave you plenty of time to enjoy some of the other crafts being held on the day.

I am making the mask bases and bringing them with me so if you have a preference to which colour or doll you want to make the mask for please let me know, otherwise I will just bring a selection with me.

There will be a prize for the best mask made and this will be announced at dinner so you might want to take into consideration the outfit your doll will be wearing and whether you want your mask in a matching colour.

masks 1

masks 5.jpg


masks 2


masks 4


masks 3


masks 2


masks 9


masks 8


Raffles Prizes

Thank you for all the raffle prizes that people have already pledged and if you have a raffle prize you would like to donate please let me know. Our charity this year is Save The Children and the more raffle prizes we receive the more money we will raise for this very worthy charity.


Thank you


Hi Mr G what are you up to?


valentine 4


Oh, Hello I am going to see my best friend Marina to give her a valentines gift, I hope she likes it.


valentine 3

Hello Mr G, what are you carrying in your hand. Is that for me?


valentine 5.jpg

Yes. Marina this is your valentines gift. Shall I help you put it on?


valentine 6

Oh, Yes please, Mr G I love it than you so much.


valentine 14


I am so glad Marina, you are my best friend and Valentine, but don’t tell the other girls as they tend to get a bit jealous.

valentine 13


Don’t worry Mr G your secret is safe with me. I have been a very lucky girl today. I received this beautiful dress from Aunty Vicky Chapman and a beautiful necklace from you.

valentine 12

Beautiful things for a beautiful girl and seeing as we are both ready to go out , why don’t we treat ourselves to an ice cream. That’s a great idea Mr G, lets go.


valentine 7Happy Valentines day to everyone from Mr G and Marina.

P.S ( Mr G says thank you Aunty Sarah Williams for my new outfit)