Hi everyone I thought that I would give you an update as we only have 9 days to go until The Haggle & Gaggle.

First of all I would like to thank everybody that has sent in raffle prizes and I thought I would show you some of them here.


Above, a jumper, scarf and hat set, knitted and donated by Linda Simpson.


Above 2 wonderful sketches, created and donated by Joni Jacobs.


Above 2 outfits made and donated Vicky Chapman




Above three knitted cardigan/jumpers made and donated by Pam Winter-Turner.


Above a jumper and hat knitted and donated by Rosie Laird


Above an outfit made and donated by Dolly Doodles.

Below more raffle donations.






And there are many more which you will get to see on the day.

Now and important announcement for the International raffle, it is our aim to stream this raffle live to Facebook at 2:30pm (English time ), so tune in if you want to see the results.

A great big thank you to everybody who has already purchased tickets for the International Raffle.

Lastly, don’t forget to dress your Sasha Gregor, Toddlers or Babies ready for a party as our theme is a valentines party.

looking forward to seeing al attendees on Saturday 2nd February at 11:am.

Any Questions contact me via email at theresa.oneill@talktalk.net


Thanks for looking………………


Just a reminder that our theme for The Haggle and Gaggle is a valentines party, so don’t forget to Bring your Sasha, Gregor, baby or Toddler, ready to party.

Also the closing date for the purchase of tickets for the International Raffle is the 20th January.

looking forward to seeing you all, not long to go now…………………

Hi everyone the 2nd of February is fast approaching, which means the Haggle and Gaggle will soon be here.

For everyone who is attending that has not purchased your entry ticket yet can you please do so, as soon as possible as we will have to close this at least a week before to allow for catering and your souvenir bags.

Raffle prizes are coming in, if you have yet to send one please allow for postage time, if you are brining one with you, thank you very much.

Here is a taster of some of the raffle prizes. There will be more and if you want a real surprize please make sure you read this blog post right to the end.

The international raffle prize is this lovely little lady, plus her wardrobe.


All the other raffle prizes are for the attendees only and here are a few.

raffle prize 1

This young lady with her entire mix and match wardrobe.more photos can be seen on Petranas site https://www.sasha-doll.com

raffle prize 2

The next two lovelies were kindly donated by two of our Sasha friends

raffle prize 4

Beautiful baby by Diane Dailey

raffle prize 3

raffle prize 6

Handsome young man donated by Madeleine Foong

raffle prize 5

This lovely hand knitted set has been donated by the wonderful Linda Simpson.


There are more raffle prizes, but I think that will keep you going for a little while.

Now then I can feel you getting impatient so I will continue .

We have amongst our sales tables at this event a dear Sasha friend who has not attended a Sasha event since 2012. can you guess?

Here are some clues.

rosie blooms



Ok, so the clues were good and you have guessed it Rosie bloom owner of :


The best Sasha doll shoe maker in the United Kingdom and her sister Teresa will be attending for those of you who have never met Rosie , you are in for a treat.

did you read until the end, I will know if you haven’t.

Thanks for looking…………………