Bon Voyage Sara


Yesterday as most of you know Sara Doggart was laid to rest. Myself and Sarah Price attended the funeral and we met up with Kendal Hackney,Brenda and Fred Walton.
The service was lovely, Sara’s,sons,daughter and Grandchildren all paid tribute to her.Sara’s Jewish heritage was also celebrated, with a Rabbi singing a prayer for her which was very moving. Sara’s son also thanked the Sasha world for all the tributes that had poured in for her,which totalled 12 pages.
After the service we went to visit John Doggarts grave where Sara’s ashes will be interned and to lay flowers.
Sarah Price and i were very fortunate to be invited to lunch with the family after the service.
The lunch was wonderful and it was lovely to speak with Anna Doggart. Anna had displayed lots of photos of Sara for everyone to look at.
After the lunch Sarah Price and i made our way to the site where the Trendon factory (thank you to Brenda for printing off the directions for us).

By the time we reached the Trendon factory site we were beginning to lose the light and it was raining,but i was determined that on this poignant day to take some photos.
Part of the factory had been turned into gated apartments and as the gate was open,we took our chances and headed in. Sarah and i thought we had better talk to the concierge in case we got arrested for breaking in.
We found the concierge and sweet talked him into letting us take some photos, to which he agreed, although he warned us not to try to enter the part that is due to be turned into apartments as the building was not safe.
Sarah and i had bought along some Sasha dolls to mark the occasion, i had bought my new lad, Ruth my 68 Kilt and Todd the toddler wanted to see where is cousins had come from. Sarah had bought her beautiful NP,Lilly.


Above are two photos of the Trendon factory site, to the right of the tower in the first photo, is the part of the factory that has been developed and in the second photo is the part that is due to be developed into apartments.

Sarah and i thought we would mark the occasion by having a photo taken in front of the tower.



Above the first photo is Sarah Price and the second photo is me.

In the factory grounds there was a small play area with some mushrooms in it.



Todd the toddler decided to jump onto a mushroom with the help of the new lad and Ruth, however once he was up there he was a little worried as to how he was going to get back down.




After much discussion a voice of reason was heard coming from another mushroom.


It was the beautiful Lilly, who announced that as she aw the oldest and obviously the most sensible that she would take care of Todd and so she did.


I hope Sara Doggart would of approved of our little tribute to her. We managed to take photos (excluding Todd) of Sasha dolls from the start of production, from the popular 1968 period and from the end of production outside the site of the Tendon factory.
We would have like to have taken more photos but we were all wet and cold so we re-treated to the car and set off to Kendal’s to enjoy a wonderful evening with our Sasha dolls
Thank you Sara Doggart for all the joy you have bought to us, long may it continue.

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