This post is dedicated to the miniature prams that go so well with Sasha dolls.

I will attempt to give you information on all the different types of these prams and how to identify them.

I have asked these young ladies to give me a hand.


Pippin and the Twins




Now then contrary to believe these prams were produced as toys for children in the 1950s in France.

The names they were produced under were Doucet, Red and Ponfa, there is also believed to be a 4th called Solein.

I believe that the Red and Ponfa prams were produced by the same company and that Doucet were produced by another company, merely because the Red and Ponfa prams are nearly an identical design. Below is an article from magazine advertising the prams for sale. 10.95 seems like a bargain to me.





We shall start with the RED prams, as you can see they are a good size for Sasha dolls.



This is the  smaller of the Red prams it  is approx. 11 inches from hood to handle in length. Approx. 8 inches in height from the floor to the handle and approx. 4 and 1/2 inches wide at the handle. The wheels are approximately 3 inches across and the straps on the sides are made from leather. Another difference between these prams and the Doucet is that Red and Ponfa pram aprons are attached with eyelets, whereas , Doucet pram aprons are attached with elastic.

Here are some other views of the same pram.




Here is the RED logo under the chassis of the pram,.


Here is another of the smaller RED prams



These prams come in an array of colours i have seen them in white, light blue, dark blue, yellow. lavender , red, grey and black. Although i do not have any photo’s of a small Ponfa pram, they are indeed identical to the Red prams.

This lovely photo was kindly given to me to use by Dawn Law, who has an extensive collection of prams.




Next up is the Doucet pram, unfortunately i do not have the original cover for this pram. The replacement apron and bag were made by a lovely lady in France and although not an exact match, it does fit the pram.



The Doucet pram again is approx. 11 inches from the hood to the handle in length. 8 inches from the floor to the handle in height and approx. 4and1/2 inches wide at the handle. The wheels are approx. 3 inches across . The straps on the sides of the Doucet pram are made from plastic and not leather.

The main difference between the Red, Ponfa and Doucet prams is that Doucet has a far shallower chassis, which is also more streamlined and as you can see where i have indicated with arrows, the chassis angles upwards.


The other thing that distinguishes Doucet from the other prams, is that Doucet prams  only come in the smaller pram and not the larger prams.

Here are some more photos of the doucet pram.



This is the Doucet logo which is underneath the pram on the chassis.


Below are some more photos kindly on loan from Dawn law ,showing a before photo of a Doucet pram needing restoration.


And after Dawn lovingly restored it. What an amazing job.


Now onto the larger prams, which were produced by Red and Ponfa and which i believe to be the same company in France.

The larger prams are still a good size for  Sasha dolls.


They ae also a good sixe for the Sasha Studio dolls too.




Here is a larger RED pram.


The larger RED and Ponfa prams are approx. 13 inches long from the hood to the handle. 9inches in  height from the floor to the handle. 5 1/4 inches wide across the handle and the wheels are approx. 41/2 inches across

Here are some more views of the pram.

large pram handle grip

As above only the larger prams have handle grips.

IMGlarger pram

As above the chevron pattern on the side of the pram can only be found on the larger prams.

Here is the RED logo which is underneath the pram on the chassis.


This pram also came with an import sticker on it.


Here is a larger Ponfa pram, as you can see apart from the logo and colour it is identical in size and shape to the large RED pram.




Here is the Ponfa logo which is underneath the chassis.


Here is a larger pram in another colour



Here is a large pram lovingly restored by Catherine French.



At the beginning of this post i mentioned a 4th pram  known as a Solein pram. I have never seen one, however, Dawn law has provided me with this photo which shows the three types of prams i have already described along with a 4th that maybe the illusive Solein pram. It has two different size wheels and also a different shaped hood.


From left to right we have a smaller RED or Ponfa pram,a Doucet pram, an unusual pram which could be the Solein pram and the larger Ponfa or RED pram.


This last photo show a small and large pram side by side.





I hope you have enjoyed this post,  and if anyone has other information that they would like me to add, just leave a comment and let me know.


Thanks for looking…………………