In this post we are going to start with my course dolls. Course dolls were made by students attending courses run by Sasha Morgethaler and her assistant Trudi Loffler-Roos. The courses were open to the women of Zurich and were held in Sasha Morgethaler’s studio. Sasha did not make any of the course dolls herself.


This is Polly and she is the first course doll I owned, she has beautiful brown eyes and a human hair brown wig, originally her wig would have been made of Hemp or Raffia. She is wearing an outfit by Ruth Dolls.










My next course doll is Milly and I think her blonde  wig is original, she has pale blue eyes and is wearing an outfit by Ruth dolls and shoes by Brigitte.








My next course doll is Peter a lovely boy, with brown hair ,green eyes and freckles, he came in the outfit he is wearing.







Here we have my studio doll, called Inge. I feel very lucky to have Inge, she is a portrait studio doll and I was lucky enough to re-home her from her original family. Her story is on this blog in great detail should you wish to read it. Inge is wearing an outfit by Marilyn Hotchkiss and shoes by Ruth dolls. I never thought I would be lucky enough to own a studio doll, let alone one with red hair,blue eyes and freckles.








Next up is a little softie whom I commissioned from Janet Myhill-Dabbs, an interpretation of a studio Bebe.











She usually cuddles up with Inge.







Another one of my softies that I adore is Janet’s interpretation of Pierrot . I also loved the Harlequin outfit Janet  made so I asked her to make one for Pierrot and she loves it too.













This year at the Sasha Celebration weekend I was the lucky winner of another of Janet’s studio interpretations.












Turn round little sister



Well that concludes my collection for now , but I am sure a couple more will be added  at some point, it would be rude not too. I hope you have enjoyed seeing My Dolls.

I make that 41 in total and you know I love even numbers!!!

I only own 3 dolls from the later Gotz production so this post will not take too long. The later Gotz production ran from 1995 – 2001



First up is Maria from the first production, born in 1995  with eyelashes. I had always wanted one of these girls and I am so happy to have her in my collection. She is wearing her original Gotz outfit.





Next is the limited addition Yamka of which only 500 were ever made. Yamka was born in 2001 and  is wearing her original Gotz outfit including her 5 necklaces and bracelet. Yamka was 1 of only 3 dolls in the production that do not have shoes, the others are Barbra and Babette. Yamka was modelled on a studio doll called “Gypsy Girl”.




Maria and Yamka together.





Last but not least there is Tod. Tod is Toddler Claudius who was born at the end of the production in 2001 and like all toddlers he is a mischievous little imp and very cute with it. Tod is wearing an outfit by Dolly Doodles and commercially made shoes.




That’s it for my Later Gotz dolls. My next post will be about my course dolls and my softies. Thanks for looking


Today we are looking at my dolls from the first German production by Gotz which ran from 1965 – 1970.

We are going to start of with my one and only early Gotz boy who is named Frechdachs, which roughly translated from German, means Cheeky boy/cheeky monkey. I chose this name because the no nose dolls or button nose as some like to call them remind me of cheeky little monkeys. Frechdachs was born in Germany around 1967 and would have worn a school boy outfit. He is a very cheeky boy and will do anything to try and get his best friend Freya’s attention, as you can see from his t-shirt. Frechdachs is wearing an outfit by Marti Murphy with commercially made trainers.



Next is Freya my blonde no nose girl who was born around 1967 and is wearing an outfit by vintage Sasha and shoes by Marti Murphy. Freya’s name comes from the old Norse language and means Lady, (she can be quite the little madam) she  and Frechdachs are inseparable .







Next is a sweet  little slate eyed lady born in 1967.she is quite a quiet and shy girl and  she is wearing a rara outfit by Sharon Humphries and shoes by Marti Murphy.





Next is Frankie, who was a very badly damaged early Gotz girl. I put her body back together and Janet Myhill-Dabbs repainted her eyes for me and I love her to bits. Frankie is wearing a rara outfit by Sharon Humphries and shoes by Marti Murphy




Next is my unisex girl born in 1968 . Unisex girls actually had a gender when they were made as the outfit they wore had button openings indicating left for a girl and right for a boy. This little lady is in her original outfit and the shirt she is wearing is extremely rare, as one well known collector told me it was only the second one of its type he had seen and the other was in his book.







Next we have my crude eyed girl who was born 1968/69. She has beautiful big eyes and wonderful long hair. She is wearing an outfit by Vicky Chapman and shoes by JJ.






Last but by no means least is the beautiful Gitta. She is a no-navel born in 1969 and she is wearing a Frances Trickett outfit.





The group photo


Thanks for looking, my next post will be the later Gotz production.

I often get asked how many dolls do I have? I usually take a guess, so I have decided to take photos of them.

Starting at the beginning with the Tendon production is my NP (NP is short for no philtrum, a philtrum is the two lines that are between your lip and your nose)

So below are some photos of Ida or was born in 1966 and her eyes were pained by Sara Doggart.

Ida is wearing a dress by Marilyn Hotchkiss and a pair of early JJ sandals,her teddy was made by me.


Staying with the girls for now, next up is Binkie who is a 1968 single fringe blonde, wearing a Petrana outfit and wearing a pair of shoes by Marti Murphy. Her bunny was made by me.



Still in 1968 , here is Red, another single fringe girl with tiny eyes. She is wearing an outfit by Storma, a pair of very early JJ shoes and her bunny was made by me.



Still in 1968, next up is Bunty, this little lady is a waif and because of the haircut she received in her past, I am unable to tell if she would have been a single fringe girl or not. She does have a full centre part. Bunty is wearing a lovely dress by Marti Murphy, her shoes are by Craig Randall and her rag doll was purchased from Wacky Walker bears.



next up is a 1969 side part who had terrible falling hair and very faded eyes. I re-rooted her, although I still need to curl her fringe and I enhanced her eyes. She I wearing an outfit by an unknown maker and her shoes are by Betsy May.


Still in 1969 here is Ruth she is a 1968/69 full centre part Kilt girl. Ruth is wearing a rara outfit by Sharon Humphries and shoes by Marti Murphy.



Well that’s my Trendon girls from 1966 to 1969 and here is there group photo.


Carrying on with my English Trendon girls, we have Gracie who was born in 1970. Gracie has really beautiful eyes and very long hair, she is wearing a rara outfit by Sharon Humphreys and shoes by JJ. Gracie may be up for re-homing soon , so let me know if you are interested.


Next is Nuru who was born in 1972, she is a Cora and a very early one as her strings are all white. She is quite unique as whoever painted her face gave her one feathered eyebrow and one not. She has the golden eyes, which sometimes happens with the early Cora’s and Caleb’s due to the pigment used in the paint. Nuru is wearing a white dress Trendon outfit and shoes by Rosie Bloom. Nuru’s name means golden light in Swahili.



Moving onto 1973 we have Hope. Hope came to me as a waif with lots of problems, which I hope I have improved. She is the first doll that I re-rooted, re-strung and is always there when I need some help. Hope is wearing an outfit made by a lady in Germany and shoes by Rosie Shortell.




Next up is Pippin, born in 1973/4, she is the resident dog trainer and looks after Woof our dog. Pippin is a wider faced Brunette Trendon girl. Pippin is wearing a dress by Joanie B and sandals by Craig Randall.




Into 1977, we have Ellie who is a gingham girl. Ellie is wearing her Gingham outfit and is ready to be re-homed. if you are interested please let me know.






Next up is Tess who is a white dress girl born in 1979. Tess is wearing a rara outfit by Sharon Humphries and shoes by Marti Murphy. Tess may be up for re-homing soon, so if your interested let me know.




Next up is my made over Marina who was born in 1981. Unfortunately Marina’s hair began to fall very badly, so I sent her off to Alison to have her re-rooted with a single fringe and full centre part. I then asked shelly to paint her eyes and this is the result. Marina is wearing a dress by Vintage Sasha and shoes by Marti Murphy

Marina has been with me a few years now and she may be up for re-homing so if you are interested let me know.





That concludes my Trendon girls from 1970 – 1981 and here is their group photo.


Next up are my Trendon babies. This is Bam Bam and early sexed boy wearing an outfit made by me a long time ago.



Next is Pebbles an early sexed Trendon girl wearing an outfit by Marilyn Hotchkiss and shoes by Marti Murphy.



My last baby is a later Trendon production , little Flower who I love dearly, wearing her original outfit.IMG_3071


This next little lady is part of my on going Woddler project.


The Group photo.



Well that’s all from the Trendon girls, the next post will be my boys. Thanks for looking.




This is Ida my first No Philtrum Sasha doll and I am so glad she has come to join my Sasha doll family. Ida was born in 1966. Her dress pants and vest are her original clothing. She has a full centre parting and a single row fringe pulled trough from the 2nd row.


In the next few photos Ida is wearing a  white dress made by Vicky Chapman and shoes by Craig Randall



In the next photos Ida is wearing a peach smocked dress by Marilyn Hotchkiss and a pair of very early JJ shoes


In the next photos Ida is wearing an outfit I love which I bought from a maker in Germany and shoes by Marti Murphy


In this outfit which is a bit warmer, Ida is wearing another outfit by Vicky Chapman and one of the last pairs of shoes made by the late great JJ.



Thanks for Looking

Gracie in knits with reindeer 4

Gracie is a 1970 London Girl


January 7

Grace 4

I love her eyes and she has lovely long hair.

nuru in prtrana 1

Nuru is an early golden eyed cora


re root 4

Hope is a puddle eye waif

Tess in boo dress 4jpg

Tess is white dress 108 girl


frances trickett 2

pippin is a 1973 girl with a wider face

janet outfit 1

Morna is a kiltie


charity 5

Charity is a slate eyed Gotz


Ellie is a late 1970’s girl


pink party 2

This young lady is a 1969 side part


gitta coat close up

Gitta is a 1969 No-Navel


frechdachs 41

pebbles 3

Pebbles is an early sexed baby


polly 5


Polly is a Course doll




Pierot is my OOAK by Janet Myhill-dabbs