Helen’s Visit To Bletchley Park (part 1)

Today Helen visited Bletchley Park, home to the code breakers in World War 2 and also the film setting for the Drama The Bletchley Circle.
bletchley 1
It was quite a windy day today so Helen had come prepared with a hat coat and umbrella, but luckily she only needed to wear the hat as although it was windy the sun was still shining.

As Helen started her journey through Bletchley Park there were numbered huts with different pieces of machinery that was used to help decipher the codes during WW2.
Lets show you a few.

IMG_1180IMG_1183bletchley park 6
Above Helen is looking at the hand written cards used to help decipher Japanese codes.
As most of the men were away fighting in the war, women were drafted in to Bletchley Park to do their bit.

Above is aphoto of the Enigma machine the most famous of the code machine’s that the workers at Bletchley Park managed to crack and which had a profound effect on the War. In one day the women who punched holes in the cards to try to crack the code could punch up to 100,000 a day!

On arrival at Bletchley Park the workers were made to sign the official secrets act straight away.
As the war progressed Bletchley Park became a hub of activity and with limited space for the workers to sleep, people in Bletchley were asked to give up a room in their house so that some of the workers at Bletchley Park could stay there. Here are some photo’s of what a war time home would have looked like.

I think that’s enough for today so i will post the next part tomorrow!!

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