Gone But Never Forgotten

The news of Sara Doggarts passing has been felt throughout the Sasha World. But her legacy will live on in the wonderful Sasha dolls that were very dear to her heart.


I thought you might like to see this. It is an email that i received from a lady called Sue Thornes, who was a friend of Doreen Bell the eye painter at the Sasha factory. Sue was the sand blaster at the Sasha factory.
At the time i received this email from Sue she did not know that Sara Doggart had passed away and i found it so heart warming in the way she spoke about her.

(I was friends with Doreen Bell who we used to call her ding dong … I joined there 1979 and left to have my first child 1982 my mum worked in the canteen there a year after me and stayed for a long time …. Sarah Doggart was a lovely lady and was quite elderly back then … but she was a worker and that i admired … not many owner bosses roll their sleeves up and work amongst the shop floor staff but she did … those dolls were her babies each and every one of them..and she would be so excited when a new outfit was designed or hair colour …
I myself worked upstairs where sasha was born so to speak in the moulding room … on this floor i was the sandblaster that stopped them being the shiny plastic … i would have to check each and every limb so there was no shine on them .. if one slipped through it would be returned and would have to go through again … my machine needed cleaning out on a regular basis by the mechanics … so then i woud go and work down stairs for a couple of hours filling in where ever i was needed … so i did the ironing of the pretty dresses even sarah doggart would iron or show me exactly how she wanted the pleats … the worst for ironing i found was the silk dresses … i would presstud the shoes … there was a person for every step of the way …
When i knew i was pregnant … my supervisor took me off my blasting job as it was quite heavy work lifting heavy jigs .. she put me on the next process which we call flashing … we would trim all the plastic off the rims of the bodies legs and arms and heads with a scalpel knife so everything was smooth .. then off they went in boxes down the conveyor belt to down stairs where they was put together )

What a lovely person Sara Doggart was, she will never be forgotten.

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