The Girls

Gracie in knits with reindeer 4

Gracie is a 1970 London Girl


January 7

Grace 4

I love her eyes and she has lovely long hair.

nuru in prtrana 1

Nuru is an early golden eyed cora


re root 4

Hope is a puddle eye waif

Tess in boo dress 4jpg

Tess is white dress 108 girl


frances trickett 2

pippin is a 1973 girl with a wider face

janet outfit 1

Morna is a kiltie


charity 5

Charity is a slate eyed Gotz


Ellie is a late 1970’s girl


pink party 2

This young lady is a 1969 side part


gitta coat close up

Gitta is a 1969 No-Navel


frechdachs 41

pebbles 3

Pebbles is an early sexed baby


polly 5


Polly is a Course doll




Pierot is my OOAK by Janet Myhill-dabbs





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