My Dolls – The Early Gotz

Today we are looking at my dolls from the first German production by Gotz which ran from 1965 – 1970.

We are going to start of with my one and only early Gotz boy who is named Frechdachs, which roughly translated from German, means Cheeky boy/cheeky monkey. I chose this name because the no nose dolls or button nose as some like to call them remind me of cheeky little monkeys. Frechdachs was born in Germany around 1967 and would have worn a school boy outfit. He is a very cheeky boy and will do anything to try and get his best friend Freya’s attention, as you can see from his t-shirt. Frechdachs is wearing an outfit by Marti Murphy with commercially made trainers.



Next is Freya my blonde no nose girl who was born around 1967 and is wearing an outfit by vintage Sasha and shoes by Marti Murphy. Freya’s name comes from the old Norse language and means Lady, (she can be quite the little madam) she  and Frechdachs are inseparable .







Next is a sweet  little slate eyed lady born in 1967.she is quite a quiet and shy girl and  she is wearing a rara outfit by Sharon Humphries and shoes by Marti Murphy.





Next is Frankie, who was a very badly damaged early Gotz girl. I put her body back together and Janet Myhill-Dabbs repainted her eyes for me and I love her to bits. Frankie is wearing a rara outfit by Sharon Humphries and shoes by Marti Murphy




Next is my unisex girl born in 1968 . Unisex girls actually had a gender when they were made as the outfit they wore had button openings indicating left for a girl and right for a boy. This little lady is in her original outfit and the shirt she is wearing is extremely rare, as one well known collector told me it was only the second one of its type he had seen and the other was in his book.







Next we have my crude eyed girl who was born 1968/69. She has beautiful big eyes and wonderful long hair. She is wearing an outfit by Vicky Chapman and shoes by JJ.






Last but by no means least is the beautiful Gitta. She is a no-navel born in 1969 and she is wearing a Frances Trickett outfit.





The group photo


Thanks for looking, my next post will be the later Gotz production.


  1. Fabulous collection, Theresa! I didn’t know you had so many early Goetz Sashas. All really beautiful! I ought to come and have a look at your collection some time! ❤


  2. This has to be my favourite group of your dolls so far as I just adore the early Gotz dolls. They all have such individuality and character that you can’t help but fall in love with each and everyone.


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