Latest Member Of The family


I have waited a long time to have one of these girls in The Sasha Emporium family. She is a very early large head, ochre eyed Gotz Sasha doll, with a no seam body.




As you can see from the photos above she is in very good condition, lovely long hair, no seamed body and Sasha logo on her back.


she has beautiful face paint and I have to say a big thank you to Petrana for bringing her home for me and also making her the wonderful outfit that she is wearing.

Petrana makes wonderful clothes for Sasha dolls and if you have not seen her latest collection , it can be found at:

below are a few more photos.







Thanks for looking……………..


  1. It must feel so lovely when you are finally able to find and buy a Sasha Doll of your dreams? A case of another box ticked… though looking back over my Sasha collecting years I don’t think that I have ever felt this need to own a certain doll like you here.
    My doll buying was usually purely on their general overall looks rather than their make, year of manufacture, condition, eye style etc…even their price didn’t seem to enter into the equation!. Although due to my many years of ‘serious’ collecting and the huge overall quantity of doll numbers that have passed through my hands, I seem to have had, at some point in time, a wide variety of the different dolls available, though not an early seamless bodied, large headed, yellow with lashes Gotz girl.
    I’m so thrilled/pleased for you and wish you many hours of happiness together.
    PS. I’m loving these latest Petrana syle dresses.


    1. Thanks Kendal I love her outfit too. for me it is not just about the year of the doll, but also how they look, I love the brunette in this style, but I am not keen on the blondes or redheads. I missed out on a brunette years ago and this is the only one I have seen since, so I am very happy.


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