My Dolls – The Later Gotz Production

I only own 3 dolls from the later Gotz production so this post will not take too long. The later Gotz production ran from 1995 – 2001



First up is Maria from the first production, born in 1995  with eyelashes. I had always wanted one of these girls and I am so happy to have her in my collection. She is wearing her original Gotz outfit.





Next is the limited addition Yamka of which only 500 were ever made. Yamka was born in 2001 and  is wearing her original Gotz outfit including her 5 necklaces and bracelet. Yamka was 1 of only 3 dolls in the production that do not have shoes, the others are Barbra and Babette. Yamka was modelled on a studio doll called “Gypsy Girl”.




Maria and Yamka together.





Last but not least there is Tod. Tod is Toddler Claudius who was born at the end of the production in 2001 and like all toddlers he is a mischievous little imp and very cute with it. Tod is wearing an outfit by Dolly Doodles and commercially made shoes.




That’s it for my Later Gotz dolls. My next post will be about my course dolls and my softies. Thanks for looking



  1. These are TWO of MY very favourite of the later Gotz girls. Maria was my very first doll from this series, in fact I bought TWO, as I loved her eye and hair colouring …plus the fact that she had a ponytail. I think that both mine had the earlier first eye style but will have to look this up and get back to you later (as their fringes were rather longer and so covered their eyes for most of the time!)

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