My Dolls – Course Dolls and Softies

In this post we are going to start with my course dolls. Course dolls were made by students attending courses run by Sasha Morgethaler and her assistant Trudi Loffler-Roos. The courses were open to the women of Zurich and were held in Sasha Morgethaler’s studio. Sasha did not make any of the course dolls herself.


This is Polly and she is the first course doll I owned, she has beautiful brown eyes and a human hair brown wig, originally her wig would have been made of Hemp or Raffia. She is wearing an outfit by Ruth Dolls.










My next course doll is Milly and I think her blonde  wig is original, she has pale blue eyes and is wearing an outfit by Ruth dolls and shoes by Brigitte.








My next course doll is Peter a lovely boy, with brown hair ,green eyes and freckles, he came in the outfit he is wearing.







Here we have my studio doll, called Inge. I feel very lucky to have Inge, she is a portrait studio doll and I was lucky enough to re-home her from her original family. Her story is on this blog in great detail should you wish to read it. Inge is wearing an outfit by Marilyn Hotchkiss and shoes by Ruth dolls. I never thought I would be lucky enough to own a studio doll, let alone one with red hair,blue eyes and freckles.








Next up is a little softie whom I commissioned from Janet Myhill-Dabbs, an interpretation of a studio Bebe.











She usually cuddles up with Inge.







Another one of my softies that I adore is Janet’s interpretation of Pierrot . I also loved the Harlequin outfit Janet  made so I asked her to make one for Pierrot and she loves it too.













This year at the Sasha Celebration weekend I was the lucky winner of another of Janet’s studio interpretations.












Turn round little sister



Well that concludes my collection for now , but I am sure a couple more will be added  at some point, it would be rude not too. I hope you have enjoyed seeing My Dolls.

I make that 41 in total and you know I love even numbers!!!


  1. What is a “softie”? I see the doll’s body is soft, and it looks like a studio doll body, but the head looks like a regular baby’s head….

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  2. I adore this last section of your dolls the very best! I remember first meeting Polly at the Chat n’ Snap a couple of years ago when I was photographing the super display of Course Dolls for my blog in my makeshift booth and fell in love with her straight away. At that time I didn’t own a Course Doll but finally managed to get one a year or so afterwards having seen how lovely they were.
    Hadn’t realised that the little Trendon baby nearer the end of this post that you won at this years SCW was an intrepretation by Janet of one of the Studio Dolls. How lovely is that?
    Your ‘Janet’s’ interpretation Studio Baby is really sweet and obviously ‘looks up’ to your Studio Doll as a kind of mother. Love how she has done her hair with that whispy fringe.
    Peter’s outfit is great for this boy.
    Ruth Hartley has made some fabulous outfits and shoes for our Studio/Course Dolls. They fit so well and are excellently priced.


    1. Thanks Kendal I am so glad that you have enjoyed My Dolls series and I hope you are staying cool in the hot weather. Ruth does make wonderful outfits and so does Brigitte. I wonder what Inge would look like in a farm girl outfit?


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