Introducing Ida


This is Ida my first No Philtrum Sasha doll and I am so glad she has come to join my Sasha doll family. Ida was born in 1966. Her dress pants and vest are her original clothing. She has a full centre parting and a single row fringe pulled trough from the 2nd row.


In the next few photos Ida is wearing a  white dress made by Vicky Chapman and shoes by Craig Randall



In the next photos Ida is wearing a peach smocked dress by Marilyn Hotchkiss and a pair of very early JJ shoes


In the next photos Ida is wearing an outfit I love which I bought from a maker in Germany and shoes by Marti Murphy


In this outfit which is a bit warmer, Ida is wearing another outfit by Vicky Chapman and one of the last pairs of shoes made by the late great JJ.



Thanks for Looking


  1. Wow Theresa, I see you have been having fun with your beautiful new Ida. What a stunning girl she is, I love her gorgeous eyes and quirky brow and that hair is just incredible. I can see she is going to be a very spoilt little girl, I have a pair of those JJ sandals too, they were made for an early Sasha Festival, that style is my favourite of all the Sasha footwear and Marti makes some really good ones, she calls them JMD sandals!


  2. Congratulations Theresa! Your Ida is absolutely stunning! She looks wonderful in every outfit and what a great idea to showcase her in different outfits. I particularly like the white dress and the smocked peach dress on her. Well done! 😊 xxx


  3. Ida is just stunningly beautiful. I like her the very best with her longer side hair caught up at the back with the ribbon rather than with the side bunches as they look too full and tend to over-power her wonderful facial painting.
    A Fabulous FIRST ever for you Frido NP Doll.

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    1. Hi Kendal I keep having to pinch myself as I can’t believe I actually now own an NP, a brunette with eyes painted by Sara Doggart. This year is certainly an improvement on last year xx


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