Pippin Training Woof

Pippin Has Fun Training Woof

Pippin is almost the newest member of my Sasha family and she is a beautiful wide faced Sasha doll with the most amazing hair. I was lucky enough to purchase Pippin at the Chat ‘n’Snap recently held by Dee.Woof the dog is also new and he also was purchased at the chat’n’snap, after all the Sasha’s have wanted a pet for a long time. Today, Pippin is training woof. First of all Pippin calls woof to come to her.pippin and woof training 1
Well done, Woof now be a good boy and sit!
pippin and woof training 3jpg
OH Woof you are a clever dog, now stay!
pippin and woof training 4jpg
Good Boy Woof now i am going to put your lead on and i want you to stand by me.
pippin and woof training 5pg
Woof you are such a clever dog, i think you are ready for your first walk on the lead and when we get back i will make sure you have a special treat. Come on Woof let’s go!!
pippin and woof training 8

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