A Surprise gift

First of all i heard the door bell ring and then i heard the girls shout “Special Delivery Mum i think she’s here”. I went to investigate all the commotion and there was Marina,Morna and Tess carrying a rather large parcel. Excitement filled the air as we had been waiting patiently for a special delivery. Gitta 1Gitta 2
The girls put the parcel on the ground and that’s when they heard a tapping from the inside. “Oh” said Morna “We had better get this parcel open i think someone wants to come out” Gitta 3
Out of the parcel came what looked like a mummy from Egypt which quite frightened Marina especially when the mummy started to make a noise. Tess always the sensible one said “listen it is saying something”, then they all heard a muffled “please get me out of this parcel i want to see you”
Gitta 4
The girls set to work to carefully unwrap the mummy Gitta 5
It was becoming quite clear that this was not a mummy and when a dainty little hand appeared the girls all shouted “its her she is here Mum”
Gitta 6
As the girls help their new friend out of her wrappings she said to them “hi my name is Gitta and i have travelled from Switzerland to join your family”
Gitta 7
Morna told Gitta she was very welcome and that they had all been waiting for her to arrive.
Gitta 8
Morna ,Tess and Marina gathered around Gitta, Marina always the inquisitive one said “Gitta you have a lovely name”. Gitta thanked Marina and said “your Mum who is now my new Mum has given me the name Gitta in honour of my old mum”. The girls led Gitta off to play and meet the rest of her new family.
Gitta 11

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