2015 Sasha Celebration Weekend (Part 1)

Well what a fabtabulous Sasha Celebration it was.In fact it was so Sashatastic that if there is not one next year it will be a crime.
All the guests made their way to the grand Eastwood Hotel. A wonderful hotel with grounds to boot.The rooms were very comfortable and spacious and there was a swimming pool too. Although i took my swimming costume i didn’t get a chance to try out the pool, but those who did said it was wonderful.

Eatwood hall front

(Above the front of Eastwood Hall Hotel)

hotel reception

(Above the Hotel Reception)

hotel lounge

(Above one of the many hotel lounge areas where we sat when we arrived)

hotel swimming pool

(Above the hotel pool)

hotel grounds

(Above some of the Hotels sumptuous grounds)

After we had arrived and checked in we all assembled in the lounge area and were given our name badge and programme of events.

news leter front

(Above front of the Programme)

newsl letter back

(Above back of programme)

We were a very excited bunch, before Dinner we were given a chance to take a peek at the raffle prizes.





(Above photos of the many raffle prize donations and also the main raffle prize, which was a beautiful hand-painted Gregor, by Janet Myhill-Dabbs, Janet also made him and authentic early 19th century sailors outfit and his extra outfits were made by Lorraine Tyler.)

Time flew past so quickly that i did not have time to change for dinner so after a quick make up check it was off to the Tempest restaurant in the hotel for dinner.





Dinner was a 3 course meal and as you can see from the photos above everyone thoroughly enjoyed it.

As the evening came to a close we all couldn’t wait to see what the next day would bring.

Stay tuned for the next part!!

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