Blechley Park (part 4)

Helen and i entered the hallway of the Mansion House and saw this plaque commemorating a visit by Prince Charles in 2008.
Helen wanted to explore the upstairs rooms but, unfortunately they were off limits.
The next room we visited was the morning room/library which was very light and airy with classic furniture from WW2.
We left the Mansion House and i turned around to find Helen standing on a large stone. I asked her what she was doing and she said that Winston Churchill had told her to stand on his stone, so she did.
Aound the corner from the Mansion house is the Bletchley Park post office, which is run by a very nice man called Peter, who welcomed Helen into his post office.
The Post office is set up exactly as it would have been in the 1940’s.
Around the corner from the post office there was a treat i had not expected to find at Bletchley Park. Helen was very excitedly pointing to a poster.

The sign said Toys, Domestic Artefacts and Costumes from 1930s-1950’s.The final part of Bletchley Park will be posted tomorrow so if you would like to see what else we discovered tune in tomorrow!!

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