Bletchley Park (final Part)

Picking up from where i left off yesterday, i was very surprised to find this wonderful place full of toys from days gone past at Bletchley park. Helen was overjoyed to find some play mates.
There were al sorts of trinkets as well as toys from the 1930’s to the 1950’s

There was one bear in particular that both i and Helen fell in love with, he has the most charismatic face and if i could have taken him home i would have.

The dolls house below was used to help plan army manoeuvres.

More toys.

The flying ducks on the wall always remind me of Hilda Ogdens living room in Coronation Street.

Before we left this wonderful building Helen and i signed the visitors register.

Just outside were the cottages which housed Alan Turing and other members of staff.but as they ar still not open to the public, Helen had a rest in the garden, before we moved on to the chauffeurs hut to look at the vehicles.

Now you may or may not know that pigeons played a big part in the war effort too, so much so that some of them were awarded a medal called the
Dickin medal.

Before we left Blechley Park we popped into the souvenir shop to pick up some souvenirs to send back to Wendy for Helen’s Auction next year.The shop had some lovely old games like Ludo and even a monopoly game by Alan Turing.

So after a great time at Bletchley Park, Helen and i headed home.
“Helen what are you doing?”

“I am pretending to be an evacuee”

Helen is actually modelling the souvenirs from Bletchley Park that will be going into her auction next year.
They are a copy of an evacuee tag, a ration book, a war time cookery book, a Sasha sized war time puzzle, a wartime paper doll with outfits,a leaflet on Bletchley Park and a key ring with a sixpence piece dated 1947.

There is also a special Bletchley Park penny (the shiny piece of flat metal next to the keyring). There is a machine that you put a £1 coin and 1p into with four different coin fonts to choose from. This one has the Mansion House on it. You then turn the handle of the machine and it prints you out a Bletchley con made from your 1p.
Well, that is the end of Helen’s trip to Bletchley Park and i hope you have all enjoyed it. Thank you for taking the time to read it.

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