A Garden Party For Gitta

As you may or may not know our Sasha family has a new member, her name Is Gitta and she is what is known as a no-navel in the Sasha world. Gitta arrived a couple of days ago and her new brothers and sisters have been so excited they have decided to hold a garden party for her. Michael has taken charge and will be cooking the barbecue, while David and Niall are putting up the bunting.
michael and david with bunting 1


michael and david with bunting 3

“What’s wrong David where’s Niall?” asks Michael Well says David that’s a good question i can’t seem to find him so it looks like i will have to put this bunting up on my own. Michael sends David to look for Niall. David finds Naill chilling out on a deckchair with not a care in the world. Right says David we have to get a move on Niall or they will all arrive before the bunting is up.
niall on deckchair chilling.3pg
Michael has the barbecue up and running and he is raring to go
micharl and barbeque 2
The Garden Party gets going as all the guest’s arrive and there are lots of things to do, apart from the delicious barbecue, there is bike riding,crochet,riding rocking horses and a lovely picnic.
kate and caleb on bikes 1

gitta,caleb and kate

all at picnic 1
Caleb and Kate think Gitta is wonderful and are enjoying getting to know her as much as their bike ride
gitta,wibke ellieand kira on benches

kira and ellie chatting

niall,and david on horses 2
Kira, Ellie and Wibke enjoy having a chat with Gitta and David and Niall have a horse race. Mean while Michael is cooking up a storm and Marsha and Courtney enjoy a game of Croquet,
michael master chef 1

courtney and marsha playing crochet 1

courtney and gitta eatiing picnic
Marina.Tess, Morna and Ruth arrive at last and decide to play with the finger puppets and skipping ropes.
marina,tess,morna,gitta and kira bikes
Gitta meets a few new friends.
all at picnic 4jpg


close up of lotty

Michael and David are busy arranging the bunting for the garden party. Michael is making sure everything is on his check-list.

The boys have arranged everything for the garden party,including all the entertainment, there is a lovely barbecue that Michael will be cooking.


They are all looking forward to meeting Gitta their new friend.

all at picnic 6pg

courtney and marsha playing crochet 1


center part with puppet

gitta,wibke ellieand kira on benches


gittta and wibke on bench

Gitta has enjoyed meeting her new friends and is overwhelmed at all the effort that has been put into the garden party for her, so she relaxes in the deckchair.

gitta on deck chair 2


  1. What a charming story and how lovely that Gitta received such a fabulous welcome to the clan. It has been very warming to see that summer sunshine on such a cold winters day.

    Liked by 1 person

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