2015 Sasha Celebration Weekend (Part 2)

On to day 2. Which started with us all meeting for breakfast at 8am.
The breakfast choices were outstanding and it was a buffet style so you could have as much or as little as you liked. Unfortunately i did not take any photos at breakfast as i was far to busy enjoying it.

After breakfast we all made our way to Holroyd Hall, which was where we were going to have our craft classes.

Before we entered the hall we were told to come in one at a time as Janet wanted to see us individually. I did think for a moment that i might be put on the naughty step, but i need not have worried. As i entered the hall i was handed a goody bag by Janet, much nicer than being put on the naughty step.
We all received a goody bag from Janet. The bag had a photo on the front of the Studio Doll replica’s that Janet had so beautifully produced. Inside the bag was an array of goodies. There was chocolate, two pairs of baby shoes with Sasha Celebration ribbon on them, a note book and Sasha sized pencils, some lovely hair slides for Sasha too.

goody bag 1goody bag 2goody bag 4

(Above photos of the goody bag and contents)

Now talking about the Studio Replica’s, here are some photos of Janet’s fantastic display, including the twin girls.






(Above are photos of The Studio doll replica’s by Janet, i have a very soft spot for the little periot, at the 2012 festival i was lucky enough to hold the original periot that Sara Daggart kept at the end of her bed and fell in love with him. My other favourite is essentialist girl in the fur coat,)

Before the crafts began Brigitte Swchitter gave an excellent demonstration on re-stringing early Gotz and early Trendon and also later Trendons with the neck ring assembly.

Once again i have no photos of the re-stringing session as i was too busy taking it all in. However Brigitte has created a video and once i have her permission to do so i will post the link on here.

There were three tables set up in the craft room. On the first table, Janet held a felting workshop and some people created some beautiful birds. I on the other hand created a monster from the depths of the ocean.

The second table had a workshop by Dollmum, which consisted of assembling and painting a Sasha sized train engine and wagon. Dollmum had painstakingly cut out and sanded all the pieces. I had a better result with this craft and was awarded a certificate for my efforts.

train awardIMG_0884IMG_0885

(Above photo of my completed train and wagon)


(Above photos of all the finished Train and wagons)

On the 3rd table Lorraine Tyler held a crochet workshop. Unfortunately i did not have time to join in this workshop as we ran out of time. Lorraine has kindly sent me the pattern for the Sasha hat and i will attempt to have a go in the near future.

Everybody enjoyed the crafts and some had never made anything before and have now discovered talents they never knew they had, great fun indeed.

After the craft workshop we had lunch which was bought to the adjoining room and was very enjoyable.More raffle tickets were sold and after we had our fill we headed back to the hall for the raffle.

Once, twice maybe, but three times lucky even i was not expecting that one.
I was the lucky winner of the 1st prize which was the handsome Gregor hand painted by Janet and beautifully dressed in an authentic sailors outfit, he also came with some extra outfits made by Lorraine Tyler and a slinky and some bugs.I am now thinking of banning myself from any further raffles. I won a couple more raffle prizes as did some others and then we decided to nominate everyone who had not won a prize. At the end of the raffle everyone had at least two raffle prizes and you could really fill the love in the room.
We raised around £624 for charity which will be doubled by our friends at the Sasha Festival in Texas America this year.

raffle prize 1raffle boy 2raffle boy 4

raffle boy 3raffle boy  extra outfit1

(Above photos of my Sailor boy raffle prize and his extra outfits)

After the excitement of the raffle Janet called for quiet and then announced that a few select people were to be awarded a special one off necklace that Janet’s husband had made as a thank you, As a hostess i was the very lucky recipient of one of these exquisite necklaces. Janet’s husband had fused two metals together one being bronze and has created a Sasha symbol necklace. Janet has told me that the bronze will darken with age.

janet neclace 1janet neclace 3janet neclace 2

(Above photos of the box and necklace)

Next were the sales tables and what an array of goodies there were. Pretrana, Dollmum. Judith Dolly Doodles, Jane Woodward (my room buddy),Linda Simpsom,and Lorraine Tyler had a wonderful array of Sasha sized items to buy.

After the sales tables there was enough time for a quick change before dinner.

Dinner once again was a great experience.




At the end of our three course dinner Tricia called for quiet as we surprised Janet with a bunch of flowers from all that had attended to say thank you for all the hard work she had put in to give us all such a fabulous time.


(Above Janet receiving her flowers)

We all chatted on into the evening and then eventually to bed no one wanted the day to end.


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