2015 Sasha Celebration Weekend (part 3 HeadingHome)

Morning arrived on our last day together and we all made it to the restaurant for our last scrumptious breakfast together, no one wanted to go home.
I had bought along my BBQ set which comes in very handy at get together’s to take photos of all dolls attending the Celebration weekend. I had set it up in the hall the night before and after breakfast everyone headed down to the hall for a photo shoot.


(Above some of the dolls on the photo shoot, in the background, i can see Todd the toddler and little Twizel sneaked in to hitch a ride on the truck)


Above the three beautiful Cora’s belong to Jocelyn Rose and the one in the white dress is called Susanna)


(Above in the back ground is Janet’s unisex Gotz taking the role of Master Chef. (if anyone would like me to add there dolls names just let me know)


(Above my Marina and Trendon O’Neill are busy serving, whilst Henry and Kendal’s Miss Nobody look on.)


(Above another bevy of beauties)


(Above at the end of the row i can just see Mr G talking to a rather pretty girl)


(Above a closer view of MrG and the lovely lady he is enamoured with)


(Above the babies sitting on a blanket by Rosie laird)


(Above Trendon O’Neill and Henry are in competition for the beautiful NP owned by Elizabeth Sockett.” Henry says,” You have no chance i am senior to you and i am more intelligent and wider travelled”. Trendon O’Neill, replies,”That may be so Henry, but i am better at DIY and i have more hair.”(Boys will be boys.)


(Above my favourite girl Little Bea owned by Kendal Hackney and re-painted by Raven.)


(Above whilst these little guys waited to get in line they
decided to form a band. ( the Gregor belongs to Gillan Buchanan, The Caleb with the Sashapotumus top belongs to Linda Simpson, the cora is my Nuru and the other Caleb is mine. I decided to dress mine as cowgirl and cowboy as a tribute to this years Sasha Festival in Texas and the top that Caleb is wearing with the horses on was made by Ginny Lee Myers from the 2012 Festival.


(Above is a panoramic photo of all the dolls together, thank you to Lorraine for sending it to me.)

After the dolls were photographed it felt right to take a photo of all that attended.


Here goes starting at the back from left to right we have Tricia Jackson,Jocelyn Rose, Jane Woodward, Emma Flood,Jo, Gillian Buchanan,Kendal Hackney,Shirley,Alice and Jane, Next row left to right,Liss Camber,Dollmum,teddy, Elizabeth Sockett,Paula Tottle,Janet Myhill-Dabbs,Brigitte schwitter,Angie Hale,Michaela,Lee Chapman,and Judith Dollydoodles, Front row Left to right, Lorraine Tyler,Dollmums daughter,Petrana and Shelly Cuff.Unfortunately a couple of people are not in the photo as they had to leave early.

Gillian Buchanan had a display of all the Golden Hands outfit’s she had knitted as a child.


After the photo shoot it was time to pack up ready to go home. I was just about to leave when i heard a voice saying “don’t forget me”


Perriot and i headed home.


My final photos are of my perriot, he is unique and it feels like i have waited forever for him to come home. He came with a card which tells his story and he loves to pose.

periott information backperiott information frontperiott information inside2
periott information inside 1periott sitting 1periott sitting 2

periott sitting 3periott sitting 4periott sitting 5

Well that’s all from me folks, except ot say a great big thank you to Janet for a fantastic weekend and i look forward to doing it all again next year.


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