Sasha Celebration weekend – day 2

Next morning was filled with much excitement as we all went for breakfast. After breakfast it was off to do either, doll making or crafts for those that were not making dolls. I am going to do a separate blog post for the doll making so that you can see its entire journey.

(below the craft tables were set up for those not making a doll)


My Granddaughter Ruth attended the Sasha Celebration weekend with me and as her Birthday is a few weeks away, I decided to surprise her with a honey blonde silk dress Sasha doll. I has also brought along a few outfits for her to change into.


As you can see Ruth loves her new  Sasha doll.


After the doll making had finished it was time for the sales tables.


After the sales tables it was off to dinner, with memory lane slide show, The International raffle and the Charity raffle.

Below are the raffle prizes.

Below the raffle prizes for the Golden ticket table.


After Dinner the International raffle took place, of which there is a video of below.


The prize for the International raffle was Prima the Ballerina crated by Janet Myhill- Dabbs.


The International raffle prize as you can see from the video was won by Carol Leyland, which was quite poignant, as Carol was responsible for creating and sponsoring the photographic Ballerina competition. Well done to Carol.

After the International raffle the Charity raffle commenced.

Janet Marsh won a golden ticket item and chose the lovely re-paint donated by Pam Winter- Turner.


As you can see she was delighted.


My Granddaughter Ruth also won a golden ticket item and chose the London Girl donated by Peggy Livingstone.


Lucy, Pam’s, Granddaughter also won a golden ticket item and chose the wonderful wardrobe of clothes made and donated by Dolly Doodles.



Florence Gadkol also won a Golden ticket item and chose this lovely baby.


Gillian Buchanan also won a golden ticket item and chose a wonderful prize donated by Anna Dollmum.


Janet Marsh won another golden ticket item, a handsome Caleb


Jonty, Jenny O’Donnell’s son won a golden ticket item a handsome Gregor.


Ruth pulled anther golden ticket  and chose this lovely baby.


Leni Simons pulled a golden ticket and received this lovely Gregor.


The last golden ticket prize of the night was a studio re-paint by Janet Myhill-Dabbs, donated by Ginger Mullins and won by Hernie baarslag-voorham


Dinner ended with a touching speech from Janet, which can be seen on the video below.

My Next and final post will be the SCW charity dolls.

Thanks for looking…………….


  1. Many thanks for this most interesting post, and especially for my first glimpse of the sales tables and now full to bursting non golden raffled ticket tables.
    How wonderful for your granddaughter Ruth to win two golden raffle ticket prizes PLUS making her own Charity Doll.
    Was most impressed with the final line up of all 30 Charity Dolls. Each and everyone displaying their own unique individuality and character.
    So pleased to see and hear what a great time everyone had. So disappointed that I had to miss it.


    1. I too am sad that you were not able to attend. I am very proud of Ruth and the way she stitched her own doll. She had a bumper time in the raffle, plus the doll I had bought her.


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