Sasha Celebration Weekend-2020


(Above Laura Horner the New Chair Person f the Sasha Celebration Weekend 2020)

Following a very successful 5th event last weekend, Janet Mayhill- Dabbs has now decided to step down from organising the event. Trish Jackson has kindly agreed to do at least one more year. At a meeting at the end of this years event, several people agreed to go on a committee to organise next years event, with me appointed as the Chair.
Janet and Trish have left us very big shoes to fill because the event they have organised has been more and more successful each year and is fair to say now a truly international affair. We are all very grateful for what they have achieved and the legacy they leave.
Of course, whilst it is a big task, on a positive note, the SCW has a format that everyone enjoys. Moreover, as the results of the recent questionnaire shows, there is a clear mandate for the event to carry on with its emphasis on meeting and hosting Sasha friends; the craft and other activities that take place and the huge raffle, all taking place at Eastwood hall Hotel near Nottingham
I want to personally tell you that the Sasha Celebration Weekend, we have all grown to love, will be continuing on an annual basis in May ,in very largely the same format. Whilst there are likely to be a few behind the scenes changes, the outward face and what participants experience ,we hope will all have a familiar feel to it.
The committee members are
Chair -Laura Horner with Deputy Anna Page
Treasurer- Teddy with Deputy Jenny O’Donnell
Communications-Alice Watts
Hotel booking – Tricia Jackson with Laura in a Deputy role
Main Raffle – Theresa O’Neill
We are still looking for a couple of people to assist in communications and main raffle.
Peggy Livingston has helped with the newsletter in the past and we are enormously grateful to her for her help but we would like to see if we can fill this role in the uk due to previous issues with time differences before. We are hoping to create a new website which Alice will lead on. If you have word processing/ publisher skills , we would love to hear from you.
Theresa is looking for a helper for the raffle, the main work being helping her organising the main prizes and collecting and sorting other prizes. I am hoping our present compare Diane Duke will want to continue in the role! We have already got our US liaison ( Mary Righos) and EU liaison (Anette Gross Hecker) to help collect and bring over prizes from abroad.
If you can help with any of these roles then please do contact me. As a deputy, enthusiasm rather than experience is required so don’t be scared to put yourself forward.
So in the meantime look out for
– the new website for which we will post links on Facebook and send you an email about
– the small on line raffle that will take place soon to raise a small fund for any expenses now.
Yours with Sasha love,
Laura x


  1. I couldn’t be happier with Laura as chair and the team that have offered to carry the SCW forward. Thank you all so much, words fail me xx


  2. Hi I used to be an IT administrator and can work from home if this is any help newsletter or website I can’t travel long distances 😦


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