Sasha celebration Weekend- Day One.


We all gathered In the bar area for registration and of course everyone was excited to see each other.



Janet was busy in her office distributing the SCW bags, there were 2 types, one for the Sasha celebration doll makers and one for the crafters.


At last it was my turn to get my bag and I had taken along my newly acquired and I believe the only known course doll clown I have ever seen. The story behind this little guy I have called “Bozo”, is that he belonged to one of  Sasha Morgenthaler’s seamstresses. He is unusual in  that he has a hand knotted wig, which is something I personally have only seen on studio dolls.




I had brought a couple of my Sasha dolls with me to join in the fun.

Miss Nobody




And Pebbles.


After registration it was time to set up the Mini ME’s and look alike competition

I had two entrants in this group Ed Sheeran complete with facial hair for the look alike section.



and my Mini Me.


Here are the others

Above the winning entry of Sasha Morgenthaler by Maria Newman.

The ballet photo competition was created by Carol Leyland, in honour of her late Mother who was also a Sasha Doll fan. Here are the entries.




The winning entry was this phot by Jackie Rystrom

IMG_1184 (2)

This photo is the runner  up by Maria Newman.


Friday evening dinner




Gitta came too.


Janets girls.




Mary Righos put together a lovely slide show of previous Sasha Celebration Weekends.

After dinner it was time to start our Sasha Celebration dolls heads.





Tired but happy we reited to our rooms around 10pm, tired but excited for the next morning. Stayed tuned for day 2.


Thanks for looking………………





  1. Thank you for sharing! It looks like all of the hard work really yielded some beautiful creations. Congratulations!


  2. Great post Theresa and how lovely for me to learn even more interesting info. as I hadn’t realised that there were TWO categories in the Mini Me display, the other being a Look Alike. (This was/is probably because my laptop refuses to let me open the SCW emails declaring that it doesn’t have the correct programme installed!)
    I was most impressed by your facial hair interpretation on Ed Sheeran and loved your Mini Me entry with that sackcloth shielding you from the rain as you collected the farm eggs from your father’s farm.

    Loved Maria’s version of Sasha Miorgenthaler and her favourite Frido Party Doll.
    Do you remember that I also did a Mini Me in the Sasha World Magazine over one year and one of the entries was of my daughter in her winner’s Polo outfit which Ruth very kindly copied for me.

    Loved seeing Miss Nobody again especially in that dear, sweet vintage-sasha dress.
    Thanks for the info too on the Ballet Photo competition as although I was aware of Jackie’s winning photo I didn’t know which photo was the runner up until now. Both were delightful as was/is the three ballerinas in the turquoise tu-tus with that most impressive colourful background.

    Did your granddaughter enjoy helping make her very own SCW Charity Doll? Bet she was absolutely delighted with the outcome plus winning that gorgeous London girl on the raffle.
    Did YOU yourself make your Charity Doll’s replica outfit of one of SM’s original outfits? It was really delightful. I have actually seen and held that outfit on one of Sasha’s studio dolls.

    What a superb clown Course Doll you have. So stunningly different too. One of my Course Dolls has a hand tied original wig and I love the fineness of it.
    Many thanks again for this most interesting post. It is most appreciated.


    1. Hi Kendal thank you for your lovely comments, Miss Nobody had to accompany me as I then feel that I have part of you attending as well. Miss Nobody sends her love and says her dress is by Teresa Bloom and her shoes are by Rosie Bloom, purchased at the H&G. I don’t think I ever saw the Sasha World mini me competition and if you still have it on file, when you are feeling up to it maybe you could rerun it on your blog. Apart from Maria Newmans photo entry my favourite was the little baby with the butterflies. My Granddaughter Ruth thoroughly enjoyed making her doll and I must say did most of the sewing herself and so neatly for her age. I am very proud of her. Her doll needs to have its wig attached properly as we ran out of time and I will see to that shortly. Ruth was very lucky and won the London girl and a baby. I commissioned my for my Celebration doll from Ruth Harltley and based it on my favourite studio doll that lives at the Zurich museum.


  3. I loved meeting your course doll in my ‘office’, what a perfect creation he is. I would like to think he was a combination of Sasha’s workers, all coming together to produce this unique doll for her seamstress. I am really loving seeing all the photos of the event, such a lot of smily faces.


  4. Thank you Theresa for posting these photos which already are bringing back very happy memories of last weekend. Ruth was a delightful table companion and I was so impressed by her sewing abilities. She clearly loves Sasha dolls which warms my heart and she is a very special and lovely girl. I am glad to have met her. 😊 xxx


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