HI Everyone I have just returned from Janet’s having delivered the last of the cast course doll heads for the SCW and helped Janet to get the ready for the big weekend.

Whilst I was there I had a sneak preview of a beautiful ballerina re-paint that Janet has created for an International raffle for the SCW in aid of  The Save the Children International charity.

As Janet is super busy she has asked me to take this on, so the rules are the same as before, anyone who is not attending from any country can purchase raffle tickets for the amazing ballerina re-paint. As before postage will be paid by the SCW.

Tickets can be purchased from me via PayPal as friends and family, the PayPal address is and cost £3 each. Photos of this wonderful girl will be posted on here as soon as Janet has finished her outfit.

Also if anyone has a raffle prize they would like to donate can you please contact Tricia Jackson at



Thanks for looking and I will be posting the photos of the Ballerina and giving you an update as soon as possible.


Thanks for looking…………………………..


  1. Knitting done, I just have to sew the seams and hopefully tomorrow I can take some nice photos of ‘Prima’ the SCW International Raffle Doll. Thank you Theresa for taking this on, you are a star xx


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