The Haggle and Gaggle 2019

The 2nd of February arrived and we opened the doors to The haggle and Gaggle at 11am.


(Above the Statue of the Spirit of Milton Keynes, greeted our guests at the entrance to the village hall)

The Haggle and Gaggle was held to raise money for an orphanage in Bulgaria which is home to some lovely children many, who are severely disabled. This is a cause which is very close to the heart of my co host Petrana.

Petrana and her family have been supporting this orphanage for years and every time she returns to Bulgaria she takes items with her for the children, so it seemed only right that this was to be the charity that we would raise money for.

For the first time ever we decide to hold an International raffle for the non attendees to join in and it was a huge success. I hope other events will take this up in the future.

So to the photos, as I was hosting this event I did not have time to take many photos, so I would like to say a massive thank you to Alan Hinchcliffe for taking lots of photos and streaming the videos live on Facebook.

Photos of the sales tables;





Above Rosie and Teresa Bloom’s sales table. So happy that Rosie and Teresa were able to attend and hope we will see them at other events in the future. Rosie also has her own website called,





above was Dawn Laws table.

Below is my table and with any dolls people wanted to sell.




below Jane Woodward’s sales table





Below Dee’s sales table


below Jane Woodbridge’s table.


For our theme we chose a Valentines Party , there was a hot air balloon and I can’t thank Teresa Bloom enough for volunteering to climb a ladder and hang it for me. There was a kissing booth manned by Mr G and I think he was overwhelmed at all the attention her was getting. Tod was in charge of the flower cart, with Sasha sized valentine bouquets and there was also a stand with ice-creams and hotdogs for all to enjoy. There was some fabulous outfits on display, but I think my favourite had to be the little cupid baby who belonged to Rebecca Morris.



The hot air balloon (goodness knows what that baby is doing?)





The kissing booth




The flower cart



Some of the visiting dolls.












I was the lucky winner at last years Chat,N Snap of a wonderful Shwe Shwe outfit by Anna Page, and she presented it to me at The Haggle and Gaggle. There were 3 other dolls wearing Shwe Shwe outfits, all of which were beautifully made by Anna.


My girl is the one on the right in green and red.



Janet’s girl with beautiful eyes.


We hope you liked the food, Petrana, her daughter Stoya, son, Marti, Marti’s other half Alexis and my daughter Chanise, did a great job in the kitchen and Petrana displayed the food beautifully.




The Haggle and Gaggle cake.


I received a parcel from Kendal Hackney who was unable to attend and the parcel contained two beautiful vintage Sasha outfits for the raffle and a tin of M&S Belgian chocolate biscuits, along we a lovely note from Kendal, wishing us all a great day and to have a biccy with a cup of tea or coffee.


Some of our attendees enjoying a gaggle









Here are photos of our raffle table.








We called the raffle at 2:30pm and, starting with the International raffle and then moving on to the attendees raffle.

The international raffle prizes consisted of: an early Gotz Sasha doll, with a complete wardrobe made by Petrana and it was won by Cathy Himmel in the U.S.A


2nd prize was one by Susanne Locke and it was a studio doll outfit made by Petrana


3rd prize was a super coat outfit made by Petrana and won by Florence Gadkol in U.S.A


In the Attendees raffle:

1st prize of the English Sasha with complete wardrobe by Petrana was won by Diane Duke.


2nd Prize a little baby eyes painted by Diane Dailey was won by Laura Horner


3rd Prize a Gregor was won by Fiona Hinchcliffe

raffle prize 6

4th Prize  a Sasha wardrobe made by Petrana was won by Teresa Bloom

IMG_0562 (2)


5th Prize baby Sasha in white outfit was won by Lee Moore

IMG_0561 (2)

6th Prize Sasha sketches was won by ( if anyone can tell me who was the winner of these beautiful sketches by Joni please do so)



There were so many beautiful raffle prizes and I would like to say a great big thank you to all who donated raffle prizes.


Many thanks to Anna Page and Jocelyn Rose for being our taxi service for the day.


Petrana and I thought we would mark the occasion by giving all of our guests a gift bag. I spent a few hours hand painting the bags and Petrana sewed all the pairs of tights and skirts. we also added a Haggle and Gaggle pen and valentine Balloon.



For those that stayed on we had a lovely meal in the Village pub, a great end to a lovely day.


The grand total raised from The event is £2,419.50

since going to press we have received another donation and the total at this moment is: £2,548


Petrana will be giving us updates on how the money will be spent.


I can’t say a big enough thankyou to you all


If you would like to see other blogs covering The haggle and Gaggle the links are below.


Thanks for looking……………………














  1. It’s been so lovely reliving that wonderful event. I really had a super day, everything was so well thought out. The food was really delicious and bountiful! Thank you to both of you for hosting the haggle and Gaggle and I hope there will be another next year.


    1. thank you Gregor Daddies I will be posting an update on what the money raised is spent on, at the moment we are looking at specialist beds, as the disable children only have normal beds.


  2. Thanks to Alan’s fabulous photography and live streaming of this truly wonderful and so very well organised event I literally felt that I was actually there with you all raising money for this so deserving children’s disability orphanage.

    The village hall and kitchens looked so beautifully clean and modern and manned by a great young family supporting team. The delicious freshly prepared food was so artistically presented and laid out so temptingly that I’m sure that anyone, even those on a strict after Christmas diet, would have easily succumbed and enjoyed. (Even seeing it at this two hour drive distance made me immediately need to head into my kitchen in search of not needed food.)

    The display tables and hot air balloon (handcrafted by Theresa) created a very lovely heart-warming Valentine’s theme for the visiting Sasha Dolls and their mummies and daddies to admire and enjoy.

    The main magnificent raffle prizes were ‘out of this world.’ So much kindness, time and generosity, especially from the two hostesses, and all those Sasha Doll Collectors who so willingly and readily contributed as they are known to do.

    My special thanks again for the delightful surprise Haggle and Gaggle gift package that was sent to me…( and the two others.) Yet another example of the thoughtfulness of the Petrana and Theresa, How WE (and I’m sure, many others) would have loved to have been there!

    Congratulations again on raising this magnificent amount of money for this deserving charity.


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