Back garden Fishing

My two little Brownies Ida and Freya, had decided to help my Girl Guide Gitta, gain merits towards her nature badge. Gitta thought a spot of fishing would get them started.


Ida tried to land a creature she had managed to catch. Freya attempted to catch it in the net.


“What on earth is it?” Freya said. “It’s an octopus” says Gitta, ” I don’t know how it managed to get in the pond, but I am sure the fish will be happy that it is no longer in there.”


Suddenly the wind picked up and the girls thought it best to leave the fishing for another day.  The girls moved on to have a look at flowers and plants.


This is a pretty plant, lets see if we can pick a flower to press for our collection?


On second thoughts I don’t think rocky is happy with us taking flowers from the garden, just stand still and I am sure he will be on his way.

Gitta decided that as they had their lovely radio, which was a gift from Auntie Kendal, that after all their hard work, they should just listen to music and have some fun, which they did.





Thanks for looking ……………….




  1. What a charming story here which bought back some lovely memories of my daughter’s Brownie days and her badge collecting projects. I remember that towards the end she had to get permission from her Brown Owl to start having them stitched down the other sleeve as no more would fit on the correct sleeve. She still has the uniform.
    Whilst teaching I was often asked to test and assess many of the Brownie tasks.
    (Unfortunately Chon didn’t enjoy the Girl Guides so left after only a few months,)
    Also enjoyed seeing these glimpses of your garden and pet tortoise, Rocky!


    1. Hi Kendal lovely to hear from you. Glad you enjoyed the post. I was asked by Anne Votaw to take some photos of the girls in their uniforms for a project she was working on for this years festival. I don’t know if it went ahead as I have not spoken to anyone about it yet. I was a Girl Guide which I thoroughly enjoyed Rocky is in the sin bin otherwise known as the veggie patch as the hot weather has made him way to amorous towards the girls so they are being kept apart for now. Tanya has laid 9 eggs, so fingers crossed this year that they will be fertile. It must have been fun assessing the Brownie tasks and I can imagine you doing it xx


  2. A wonderful post Theresa! I love the scout outfits and it brings back memories of my own brownie days while in grade school.Your girls are so lovely and it is great to see them outdoors and having a great time just playing and listening to music. The pet tortoise is amazing! 😊 xxx


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