Beatrice’s Pottering Tales


Hello everyone my name is Beatrice (or Trixie for short) and I am the latest member of The Sasha Emporium club.

I am to be the explorer  of the family, pottering out and about whenever i can and then coming back to tell you my tales.

Here are a few photos of myself and rabbit exploring my new surroundings and as the weather gets better, I plan to explore more.






“What’s that rabbit?” you can here Little Tyke calling,” we had better go”


Don’t worry Little Tyke, I am here.


One more go on the horsey and then a nap.


Bye for now everyone


Thanks for looking…………………..


  1. Delightful as usual, but I’m SO jealous that you have such lovely daffodils already coming up, and some in bloom…while we here in New England just have to shovel YET AGAIN…fourth storm in just a few weeks now! Hope this is the last; it’s almost the end of March!


  2. Super post and great new bibbed haired doll addition.
    It’s so encouraging to see the Daffodils beginning to open after out long cold Winter isn’t it?
    Love your new little Baby Woolly and their dear little bunny rabbit just like my Brood also has.


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