A New Member to the Sasha Emporium Family

I have been very good at not buying any Sasha dolls until recently, however when I attended the Sasha Festival last year, I fell in love with a little baby that was modelling an outfit by Rosie shortell. this was unusual for me as I am not really a Sasha baby person.

Any way I found this littlie guy on a well know auction site and the rest is history as they say. As you will see he is something of a little Tyke.


All sweet and innocent here with his little bunny, but soon up to mischief!


Oh, a horsey,


I can make it


Did it.


come on Bunny your turn.


you can do it



sorry Bunny it was too high


You know i love you Bunny


Horsey come here


Horsey stay still


I don’t want to play anymore.

I think Little Tyke is a good name for him.


Thanks for looking ……………..


  1. Little Tyke is just the cutest of chaps, what wonderful hair he has, no wonder you were smitten. He looks to be very playful too, so sweet ❤


  2. ALWAYS loved the Sasha babies especially the very early little baby boy Woollies. They are so easily pose able and that is my favourite of their outfits too.
    Those Rocking horses are the perfect size for our little ones and his bunny rabbit is so delightful and soft to cuddle. Chon bought mine one at the Chat n’ Snap one year and gave it to them as a surprise Christmas present. (I was just as thrilled as they were!)
    Definitely MY kind of post today.


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