Happy Halloween


It was 31st October, All souls Eve or Halloween as we know it, when all sorts or ghoulies and Ghosties potter about.

Under the guidance of their big sister’s, Trixie and Miss Nobody, Tod and Dot were off out for a spot of trick or treating.


Tod was dressed as a ghost and Dot was carrying her Halloween bucket due to the fact as Tod told her, “Ghosts don’t have hands”

They came across a house that looked a little scary and it had a note on the door that said “No Trick or Treater’s”.


Dot said, “I don’t think we should knock on that door”. “Nonsense, “said Tod, that’s all part of the joke,” come on!”


After what seemed like ages, the door started to open


Then out came the scariest looking snake lady that the toddlers had ever seen.


Her eyes were gold with black slits, she had snakes all over her and she had fangs.


Tod and Dot stood rooted to the spot for all of two seconds before they let out a loud scream and made a run for it, as fast as their little legs would carry them.


Dot dropped her Halloween bucket in fright and Tod has a bit of trouble keeping up with her as its not easy to run in a ghost outfit.


The snake lady watched them run away.


She raised her arms up in frustration and shouted, “please come back I won’t hurt you!”


By this time Tod and Dot had caught back up with Miss Nobody and were telling her all about it as best they could, in between trying not to cry, because they had been so frightened.


Miss Nobody calmed them both down and told Dot to hold her hand, as she was going back there to give this snake lady a piece of her mind for scaring her little brother and sister.


Meanwhile back at the Snake ladies house things were beginning to stir, after all it is Halloween and there is a lot of magic about. The snake lady began to feel different.


First of all one of her fangs disappeared , then the other.


Then one of her eyes changed.


Then the other


The snakes fell from her head.


The snake lady was no more.


I’m me again


She called out after the children to come back but they had long gone.



“I must find those poor frightened toddlers and give them back their Halloween bucket that they dropped”, she said.


Soon , the Sasha formerly known as the Snake Lady,had met up with Miss Nobody and the toddlers.


Miss Nobody was just about to give the former Snake Lady a piece of her mind, but as she apologised for scaring the toddlers, miss Nobody decided to listen to what she had to say.


You see said the former Snake Lady, “My name is, “Waif”, I was taken away and locked in that horrible house by a witch who placed a spell on me , turning me into that Scary Snake lady. The spell could only be broken if a toddler knocked on the door, but as the witch put up that sign saying No trick or treater’s, I thought I would be there forever. If it wasn’t for your Tod being so brave to knock, I would still be there. I am a very nice person really.


That’s ok said Tod, look I’m not really a ghost and you are welcome to come back home with us, I am sure my brother’s and sisters will love you.


Oh, thank you, said Waif and off they all went to introduce Waif to everyone else.





Now, it just goes to show you that you can never judge a Sasha by it’s appearance, after all they are magical aren’t they.


Thanks for looking ……………….






  1. What an excellent story Theresa, I do hope you will reenact the whole scene for your lucky grandkids too. Thank goodness for Tod, he knocked and gained a sister!


    1. glad you enjoyed the story Janet. I think when I created the Scary Snake lady for the C&S, that everyone thought that I had permanently defaced a Sasha, so I wanted to let everyone know that little Waif is ok xxx


  2. What a delightful story. That snake lady, although a bit scary, was also rather amazing to look at. Can’t blame the toddlers for being frightened. Glad she has morphed into a rather lovely Sasha now and all is well. Happy Halloween.


  3. Just LOVED/Adored this Halloween story especially as with being Roman Catholics we are encouraged to participate in this event.
    Great scene setting background and loved the twist to the tale thanks to little Tod. It was also most interesting to see the Snake Lady being ‘un-transformed’ as it were. Such an awesome outfit with all those tiny fantastic details.
    PS. Was delighted too to see Miss Nobody taking part.


    1. My mother was always very enthusiastic about Halloween. I remember bobbing apples as a child, peeling an apple in one go throwing it over your left shoulder and the letter of the alphabet it most resembled would be the first letter of the man’s name that you would marry.


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