The Knitting Challenge

I emailed Susanna Lewis a few months ago asking if she had ever produced a knitting pattern for the early knitted Cora outfit. Cora’s original white outfit does not come along very often and when it does due to its age, can be out of shape.

I was delighted when Susanna sent me a copy of a  knitted Cora outfit that she had created. Not only that but she offers it for free on her wonderful website.

Susanna said that she would like to see what people did with the pattern, so I have taken up the challenge.

First up is my first attempt at the Cora outfit, which I thoroughly enjoyed knitting, the pattern has a stitch called fisherman’s  rib, which I have never tried before and now I am hooked, so to speak.








Next I decided to try a different colour, going for a light green and cream. The beret is from Jane Woodbridge’s, wonderful knitting book , which can be purchased from Shelly’s site.





Next I decided to go bold and bright. I added a little hat that is my own design.



Next I decided to do something different combining Susanna’s pattern, and using the fisherman’s rib to create flared trousers for this Jimmy Hendrix outfit.











Now I was really getting into this  challenge and decided to make shorts and top with flared edges.





Being inspired by Diane Duke I created a little shawl to go with the ensemble.




My last ensemble is a little flared skirt and picot edge top.




Another Diane Duke inspired shawl.





Here they are all together.



I have really enjoyed making these outfits and it would be interesting to see what others come up with too.

A big thank you to Susanna Lewis for creating the pattern.


Thanks for looking………………




  1. Thanks Teresa for all these lovely photos! I would love to have the pattern for that hat with visor that you created; the outfit just after the WHITE knit Susanna gave you the pattern for.

    I would like to suggest that if people pick up your suggestion and knit a version of Susanna’s pattern, maybe there can be a group item at the CF Auction at Festival in MN coming up. In the past we’ve had such group items where everyone knits a similar item…one year it was the Judy Scaletty pullover sweater many people knitted in their choice of yarn, color etc. There were quite a few contributions and they were auctioned in a group (same price for each) and people drew lots to determine the order in which they got to choose their particular sweater. I made a charcoal gray 100% wool sweater. Anyone remember that? SusanLK


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