I arrived home from The Sasha festival and unpacked my loot.

I think we will start with The Festival souvenirs, From my first table Hostess Elizabeth Mizererek , I received a lovely dress and pants set made by Vicky Chapman and a Sasha sized steam engine, along with the first of the official festival souvenirs, a Spa for Sasha.






Along with the spa came a pattern for a face mask and a pair of slippers, a sponge scrub and Orvus cleanser for Sasha



My next table Hostess was Heidi Wheeler and I received a lovely dress made by Heidi.



My Last table Hostess was Jeanna  Bauer from whom I received a little box full of sweets for me and accessories for Sasha Gregor and baby.



My next festival souvenir depended on which type of chocolate I liked. I chose dark hazelnut and this is what I received.

IMG_3710 (2)


There were four festival outfits. All made by Karen Warnaka.

IMG_3714 (2)

My last Souvenir gift was a Sashapotmus onesie and a sewing pattern for baby and Toddler.



My exchange gift from Monica Jarpey

IMG_3706 (2)


I managed to win this outfit from the Helper raffle





From The Children’s Fund Auction I managed to win this wonderful Sasha box filled with 5 pairs of Sasha, Mary Jane shoes. White, brown,blue black and red. I have since found out that only 10 of the Sasha boxes have ever been made. Each pair of shoes were individually wrapped in a little bag with the Sasha logo on it.



IMG_3723 (2)

Now to my purchases  which were not many, but things I really wanted.



This lovely dress by Frances Trickett was purchased from Gayle Rotheim


The lollipop was a gift from Jeanna.




I could not resist this pair of dungarees and top which I purchased from Sheila Foery and I may just have to buy some more.






My next purchase was 5 pairs of shoes from Betty Jean Densford, which I love.


IMG_3704 (2)

IMG_3703 (2)

IMG_3701 (2)

IMG_3702 (2)

IMG_3700 (2)

Betty Jean also made these accessories for Sasha.

IMG_3705 (2)



My last purchase came from Ann chandler which was vintage fabric to use as a collar for a Sasha outfit and some socks.

IMG_3724 (2)



During my visits out and about in Washington I picked up some presents for my family and found these lovely Sasha sized donuts in Target.


Just the right size




That’s all the loot from me , except to tell you about 2018.





If you have never been to a Sasha Festival I can highly recommend it.

Thanks for looking….



  1. Oh gosh! You certainly came home laden with Sasha goodies! Pleased to see that they must have all fitted into your luggage (…especially as you were very kindly bringing back some Texas horse training reins and bells for my daughter as they don’t ship to the UK.)
    Like any Sasha event/holiday etc. it’s so lovely tom have had a little ‘spend’ on gifts and presents to remind you of your special enjoyment in the future.
    Having been an avid Sasha collector I particularly adore that limited edition Sasha box, with or without it’s contents. Definitely my very favourite.
    Love your selection of Betty Jean Densford’s shoes too.
    Those re-cycled Sasha dungarees look great…as does your crude eyed girl.
    That terry towelling spa dressing gown and it’s accessories will be really useful when receiving some TLC in the future.
    All the little edible and drinkable miniature sized goodies look ‘truly scrumptious.’
    Many thanks again Theresa for all your wonderful 2017 Festival coverage…(and also for very kindly bringing Chon’s package back for her.)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Kendal thank you for your lovely comments, I ended up brining quite a few things home for other people and I was happy to dot it. I love the dungarees and was so happy to finely own some of Betty Jean’s shoes xx


  2. Wonderful souvenirs, gifts and purchases Theresa. Always fun to see what people bring home from the festival. I would have gone for that fabulous boys outfit as well, it is amazing! Although all the outfits were great.

    Thank you for writing these posts for us who were unable to make it to enjoy.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thanks for all the compliments on the overalls. I sold out at the festival of the denim ones ,but busily cutting some out to make some more. Good thing my daughter has been busy cutting up Levi’s into shorts,mom gets the lower legs of the jeans

    Liked by 2 people

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