And so It Begins, Sasha Festival 2017

Wednesday night and Ida, Pierot and their bunny were settling down for the night.



Ida confides in Pierot that she is a bit nervous about meeting her American cousins, so Pierot reassures her with a cuddle and leaves her to read Bunny a bed time story.


Lights out I say and Ida asks, “Do I really have to wear this hairnet”, of course dear you need to look your best for tomorrow.


Goodnight see you in the morning.



Up bright and early Thursday morning, but as registration wasn’t until the afternoon, Dawn, Gayle, myself and a bunch of lovely ladies took off to Washington Dulles town centre.


We found this great train inside the shopping mall




Joni thought it was great fun.

Next it was off to the Cheesecake Factory for lunch and of course the famous cheesecake, which we all enjoyed.




Then it was back to the hotel for registration and meet and greet.


Cathy Himmel set up a table with some of her dolls on them and she had asked me to bring along my JerryBerry dolls, which are small ball jointed dolls so they could meet her  jerryBerry doll .



They all got along well, Cathy’s girl is the one in the blue wool wig.

little softie came along too


I made a new friend


Other people started to gather in the hall


Ida met her first American cousin a beautiful fringe girl belonging to Heidi Wheeler.



We signed cards for the people that unfortunately could not make it this year.


Tomorrow the Festival post will continue, thanks for looking…



  1. Great photos Theresa! Your Ida is amazing. It was such a treat to get the JBs together. Thank you so much for including my dolls in your “And So It Begins” page!

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  2. Oh Theresa, what a lovely post and I was very touched to see the cards at the end. Thank you. It looks like you had such a wonderful time. It is great to see these photographs of the Festival.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thank you Theresa for taking such lovely photos of our friends and the festival, I’m just getting stuck in to your posts now with a cup of tea! Ida is such a stunner by the way ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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