Resurrection And Rebirth

Today I am going to share a story with you, which I feel is pretty apt considering it is Easter a time for resurrection and rebirth.

Last winter I purchased a very sorry looking early Gotz Sasha doll waif. As you will see from the two photo’s below she needed help.

brunette gotz damaged 1brunette gotz damaged 2

When she arrived I was not expecting the damage to be as bad as it was. Her face was covered in black ingrained soot type dirt, with some kind of lacquer or varnish on top of that. Her facial paint was not in good shape. Her torso was nearly split in half with tares to both sides of her neck and numerous tares under both arm sockets. She looked so sad. First of all I took her apart and began by trying to clean her face with a soap solution.

IMG_0539That only helped a little. The oxy treatment did not work. I then tried to remove the lacquer with nail varnish remover, which helped quite a bit  and there was beginning to be light at the end of the tunnel.


I then covered her face with Vaseline and left her in the conservatory for a couple of months to allow her skin to lighten.





I managed to get her skin as light as I could, but it will never be perfect. Her face paint was not good and the only way to get rid of the substance on her face was to remove her eye paint.


I then started to fix her body, which as you can see from the photo’s below was very badly damaged.




I did the best I could, using Gorilla glue which bonds with moisture and then backing the splits with leather.





I don’t know how long or if it will last forever but for now her body is back together.

As this poor young lady had been through so much I asked Janet if she would paint her some new face paint and she said yes.

I had decided to call this little waif Frankie (due to the body part issues)

Apart from a few missing plugs to the front of her hair line, she had beautiful hair.

So, I would like to introduce you to the resurrected or reborn Frankie. Thank you to Janet for making a very sad girl happy again and a very happy Easter to you all.

Frankie 1






  1. Goodness me, poor Frankie, the life she must have had before she was lucky enough to come to you ! I’m glad she got another chance, she’s turned out to be a beauty and an inspiration ! Just shows there’s always hope 🙂 Well done Theresa xx

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  2. Brilliant work Theresa, she looks so lovely now. Her face paint is perfect too. A new lease of life for a neglected little girl!


  3. Can’t believe the transformation!
    What a poorly little soul she was when she first arrived… but how could anyone allow a doll to get in that state in the first place? It’s certainly looking like this world is definitely becoming a ‘throw away,’ easily replaceable, non-caring place where children are not taught to take care of their toys as we were. A case of easy come, easy go.

    You (and Janet) must be so proud of your work here in restoring this doll. I’m not sure if I’ve seen an early Gotz with Janet’s customised facial painting before and how great that she still carries that early Gotz look that I so love. Her hair too has come up really nicely after your treatment.

    Definitely a good Easter ending project showing a fine example of resurrection and re-birth. Congratulations.

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    1. Thank you Kendal she is definitely a labour of love. Whatever was on her face is still a mystery to me as I had never seen the like before. Janet has as usual done a fantastic job on her eyes and Frankie will be here for a very long time xx


  4. wow, wow, wow!! I simply cannot believe the difference! what a lot of work but Frankie is her own reward…so beautiful now!!


  5. What a transformation! You can really call this a rebirth. She looks so lovely now.
    Her new eye painting is amazing. It absolutely catches the early Götz spirit.


  6. What a wonderful post Theresa, I am amazed to see what work you had to do on her body. You did a very good job indeed. I also have one Gotz waif who’s face was covered in varnish just like Frankie. I wonder if they were victims of the same hand? Anyway I am so happy to see Frankie together again with lovely hair, pretty outfit and cuddly bunny friend, well done xxx


  7. You’ve certainly worked a transformation on Frankie, she looks much better than her haunted first photo when the poor girl certainly looked like she had suffered a lot in the past. I hope you bring her to the Celebration weekend, it will be really interesting to see her up close.

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    1. Hi DollMum I may not bring her to SCW as I am a bit tight for space and have already selected the ones I will bring with me, however, maybe we can arrange a catch up in the near future and I will bring her along.


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