The Raffle


As we all know that before any raffle can start we need to fold the tickets and this year it was quite a mammoth task as we ran out of raffle tickets and had to buy some more.







This years raffle had a little twist in it that meant there was a main prize for the first and last raffle ticket which kept everyone on their toes until the very end.

Liss won the first prize which was a lovely Gregor donated by Gayle and Rosie Shortell, Rosie made him a lovely outfit and he came with his truck and backpack.

The final prize was won by Jonny and it was a lovely blonde gingham repaint by Janet.

Doll mums daughter won a baby donated by Petrana

Shelly Cuff won a brunette Sasha donated by Ginger

Anette won an early gotz that was donated by a generous anonymous person

There were many great raffle prizes and the weekend raised a total of over £1500 for The Save The Children charity.

I would like to personally thank

Jackie Kraemer

Brenda Walton

Ginger Mullins

Linda Simpson

Dawn Law

Rosie Bloom

Sarah Williams

Brenda Myers

and everyone else for your very kind and generous donations as we could not have done it without you.


  1. The look on Jonny’s face when he won the last prize was priceless and Liss just knew she would win the first! When I was told just how long the raffle went on I couldn’t believe it, wow people were just so generous.

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