The Brood

The High light of the Sasha Celebration weekend was The Brood, which is Kendal’s entire collection spanning 20 years. Here they are.



Above are Kendal’s Studio and course doll.


Above is Heddy my favourite studio doll


above more of The Brood




Above Kendal, Janet and Anette



Thank you Kendal for bringing The Brood


  1. The Brood were an absolute wonder to behold. What a remarkable collection and weren’t we blessed to be able to see them in their entirety. Now surely you know that Heddy is my favourite Studio, I thought I made that quite clear! Lovely posts Theresa, I have had such a treat this afternoon xx

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  2. Have finally managed to get around to viewing your blog posts and am really thrilled with your photos here of My Brood. In fact I have almost fallen in love with each and every one of them again which, under the circumstances is not a good thing, as I’m meant to be downsizing this year!
    Lovely shot of the Studio Doll Heddy. She looks as though she doesn’t seem to mind that she never gets changed into different clothing or that she remains carefully indoors rather than risking photoshoots ‘out and about.’ Just me feeling somewhat guilty then!
    Thanks again for this most appreciated post of my Sasha Dolls.


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