A Valentines Gift

Hi Mr G what are you up to?


valentine 4


Oh, Hello I am going to see my best friend Marina to give her a valentines gift, I hope she likes it.


valentine 3

Hello Mr G, what are you carrying in your hand. Is that for me?


valentine 5.jpg

Yes. Marina this is your valentines gift. Shall I help you put it on?


valentine 6

Oh, Yes please, Mr G I love it than you so much.


valentine 14


I am so glad Marina, you are my best friend and Valentine, but don’t tell the other girls as they tend to get a bit jealous.

valentine 13


Don’t worry Mr G your secret is safe with me. I have been a very lucky girl today. I received this beautiful dress from Aunty Vicky Chapman and a beautiful necklace from you.

valentine 12

Beautiful things for a beautiful girl and seeing as we are both ready to go out , why don’t we treat ourselves to an ice cream. That’s a great idea Mr G, lets go.


valentine 7Happy Valentines day to everyone from Mr G and Marina.

P.S ( Mr G says thank you Aunty Sarah Williams for my new outfit)


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