Merry Christmas Everyone From The Sasha Emporium

Merry Christmas and thank you for following us throughout 2015 and may 2016 be a good year for all of us.


Shop window 3

As you can see Twizel is very proud of her Christmas window display this year.


fairy on xmas tree 2


fairy on xmas tree.jpg

The Angel on the tree is getting a lot of attention from our resident reindeer.


Hope 4.jpg


Hope 2.jpg

Hope 3.jpg

Merry Christmas From Hope

Babies 1.jpg

Babies 3.jpg


Babies 2.jpg

Merry Christmas from the Babies

frechdachs and Freya 1


frechdachs and Freya 2.jpg


Merry Christmas from Frechdachs and Freya


Charity 1

Charity 2

Merry Christmas From Charity


Trendon O'Neill 3.jpg


Trendon O'Neill 2.jpg


Merry Christmas from Trendon O’Neill


Charlotte 3


Charlotte 2

Merry Christmas from Charlotte

Mr G and Caleb 2.jpg


Mr G and Caleb 4.jpg


Mr G 2.jpg

Merry Christmas from Mr G and…….


Caleb (who are loving their new outfits by Sarah Williams)


Morna 3.jpg



Morna 1.jpg

Merry Christmas from Morna

Pippin and Michael 2.jpg


pippin 1.jpg


Michael 1

Merry Christmas from Pippin and Michael


tess 1.jpg


tess 2.jpg

Merry Christmas from Tess

Nuru and Gacie

Gracie 1.jpg

Merry Christmas from Nuru and Gracie


little flower 4


little flower 5


little flower 2

Merry Christmas from Little Flower

twizel and pierriot 1



twizel and pierriot 6


twizel and pierriot 3


twizel and pierriot 5

Merry Christmas from Pierrot  and…….


Twizel 1

Twizel xx



  1. Merry Christmas everyone, I know it is gone but this is my first chance to wish it after being in the wiles of the countryside for a few days. How lovely to see you all and the precious little toys too.

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