Twizel Needs a Little Help

Twizels Needs a Little Help!!

For those of you that don’t know Twizel is a little rag doll who is the manager of Twizels Sasha Emporium Shop and she may be small but she knows how to keep those Sasha dolls in order!
Here’s Twizel sitting outside the shop, i wonder why she is looking so fed up?
twizel at shop 2
Look says Twizel, mum is counting on me as the manager of this shop to make sure the sign gets finished, but i am too small and i don’t have a ladder.
twizel at shop 3
Well, Twizel here’s an idea, why don’t you get Michael to help you as he is very good at organising things. I am sure i saw him and that good looking Gregor that Mum hasn’t named yet, heading this way. Twizel thinks this is a good idea.
twizels shop 5twizels shop 6
The two boys re-assure Twizel that they will put the finishing touches to the shop, so that she can stop worrying. Twizel makes sure the boys have all the tools they need and goes inside the shop. The boys set to work.
twizels shop 4
However, whilst Michael sets to work, Mr Good looking thinks his talents are wasted and decides to take an unofficial break.
twizels shop 16
Michael is not impressed and tells Mr Good looking to get up and help, otherwise Twizel will be very upset with him, but Mr Good lookung refuses to budge.
twizels shop 8
Mr good looking says’ “I’m not moving and you can’t make me” Maybe i can’t say’s Michael but i think i know someone who can.Oh Yes says Mr Good looking who is that then.
twizels shop 14
Twizel at this moment decides to check how the boys are getting along and spots Mr Good looking sitting down.
Michael says to Mr Good looking look behind you!
twizels shop 15
Mr Good looking takes one look at Twizels face and he knows he is in trouble. Quick smart he jumps up and starts helping Michael again.
Now the boys are a bit taller than Twizel but they still need a ladder which they do not have. Mr Good looking tells Michael to stand on his shoulders.
twizels shop 17twizels shop 19
With some supervision from Twizel the boys get the job done and afterwards they both sit down so that Twizel can give them a hug. Twizel is so happy that the shop sign is finished.
twizels shop 22

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